I Gave Up My Heart Medicines To Live A Natural Life

Rakesh Kumar Shukla

Natural Healing Explorer

09:50 AM | 27-08-2019

Rakesh had been taking cardiac medicines for 5 years. He had suffered a heart attack & a stent had been fit. He came across Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary and learnt a lot about staying healthy naturally. He changed his diet to include more of whole plant based foods, he became medicine free. He was excited to feel younger & more energetic. Here is his story.

Rakesh Kumar Shukla,
68 years, Health Enthusiast

Brief Career Profile

After doing M.A. and L.L.B, I served as Commissioned Officer in Army as Judge Advocate in the Judge Advocate General Branch in the rank of Captain. I Left Army service in 1985 and for the next 25 years worked in several Companies including one Pharma Company, as Manager / General Manager in the department of Personnel and HRD. Eventually, I headed the HR department in a reputed Institution having 750 bed Hospital / and Medical College now a deemed University, employing over 1500 people in Jolly Grant, Dehradun from where I retired a few years back.

In July 2017 I came in contact with Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, read his books, viewed all his videos and joined his organization Indo -Vietnam Medical Board as a Certified Diabetes Educator, and now, as a Freelancer, am helping and educating patients suffering from diabetes and other life style diseases.

My Mission: Freedom from 3 Ds – Drugs, Diseases and Doctors by educating people to “ Make food as medicine and not medicine as their food”.

My Health Profile

Before December 2011, I enjoyed more or less good health except a brief history of peptic ulcers in late eighties which got cured with medication. Later, during 2005 to 2009 I recollect taking a light dose of Aspirin tablets as per advice of the consulting Doctor of the Hospital and Medical College where I was working as Senior Manager HRD. This medicinal prescription was based on test reports of my Lipid Profile.

December 2011

In the night of December 11, 2011 I suffered from chest heaviness, uneasiness in breathing and discomfort later described as Heart Attack by the Doctors. I was taken to the city Heart Center in an ambulance and later shifted to the hospital, kept in CCU, stent was fitted and I was discharged after 3 / 4 days with advice to take cardiac medicines for the rest of my life.

I religiously took statin with aspirin and other cardiac medicines for the next 5 years. I could not afford to forget taking the medicine because of repeat alarm set in my mobile phone and counter checks by my wife and also reminders from Delhi by my daughter and my son.

The Turning Point

Then, suddenly and most fortunately, happened the rendezvous with Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary- his books, videos and workshops and in July 2017, I stopped taking my medicines and threw them in the dust bin.

It is now about one year that I have not taken those pills.


In 1947 the country got freedom from English rule and in July 2017 I got freedom from English medicines.

I have now made food as my medicines; food consisting mainly of whole plant based diet- fruits, vegetables, green leaves, sprouts, soaked dry fruits, seeds lentils and whole grain – minus M.R.P. (M: Milk and animal products, R: Refined products, P: Packed products).

Evidently I became a fan/ follower of Dr. B R C’s whole plant based diet therapy. In this therapy, my percentage of intake of DIP diet is 75% as against a VIP diet of 25%. And as suggested by him in a lighter tone, I celebrate Sundays as cheat days once in a week. But even on cheat days, I first fill my tummy with DIP food before taking VIP food; what is referred to as Plate No. 1 ( DIP- Fruits and vegetables) and Plate No. 2 ( VIP - standard diet ).

So if you wanted to know that is dip diet works, then I must say that first benefits of dip diet was that I was completely cured and started living healthy life.

The drastic change in my diet and lifestyle not only resulted in complete freedom from English medicines but subsequent test reports of my lipid profile also turned out absolutely normal. Plus, my energy level was at the top of the world and I had my happiest moments when I visited my ‘Room No. 1’ in the mornings and had that royal satisfaction sitting on my ‘Throne’ which I missed during last so many decades. It seems like my body, mind and soul have undergone complete magic overhaul!

Now was the time to share my newly gained knowledge with my near and dear ones so that they could also be free from 3Ds – drugs, doctors and diseases. So I started conducting seminars and workshops at my residence. Undoubtedly, it is a tough job to convince people, suffering from life style diseases, to switch over from pills to a new whole plant based diet (vegetarian diet minus M R P i.e. milk & dairy products, refined and packed food. But you have to tell them that the choice is between life and death, between a healthy life and a life of illness and ask them as to which one they want to choose.

I am happy to write that as a result of conducting the aforesaid seminars and workshops and educating /interacting with people suffering from diabetes, many of them got rid of this unnecessary and avoidable ailment in a short span of time and are leading a normal healthy life.

Of course, education through these workshops also dealt with the following issues:

  • Large scale commercialization of health care industry
  • Tussle between the medical science (evidence based) and medical industry ( profit based)
  • Bitter truths: To mention a few of them:
    • if you are a normal healthy person and decide to go to a modern day super speciality hospital for a health check up chances are you will sure return as a patient.
    • when Doctors go on strike the mortality rate goes down; i.e., there are lesser number of deaths. (As reported in a British Medical Journal)
    • 3rd largest killer in India after cancer and heart attack is ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction – Dr. B M Hegde)
  • Myths : To mention some of the myths, which were broken, included :
    • Mango, grapes, pine apple are bad for the diabetic.
    • Milk is a source of protein/ calcium
    • Food supplements (Bournvita, Complan, Boost , Maltova etc. and vitamin and mineral supplements are good for health.( In fact they are not only useless but also injurious to your health.)
    • Cholesterol is a ‘bad guy’. (In fact lot of black mailing is being perpetuated by fast food industry on ‘the zero cholesterol selling stunt’ which we explain in the work shops at length.)

In fact, to understand the 4- stage diet therapy in detail with FAQs and the medical conspiracy, consensus and cure - you need to attend my work shops.

My Mentors

Encounter with Dr. B R C led me to the discovery of works, videos and teachings of the following:

Dr. John MacDougall, Founder Right Foods INC. USA,

Dr. T Colin Campbell, American bio-chemist and author of renowned book ‘The China Study’ ( Who is also credited for the revival of the then U.S. President Bill Clinton’s health after his 4 failed heart surgeries and insertion of 3 stents) and

Dr. Gunter Blobel, the Nobel Prize Winner 1999 (who discovered that proteins have intrinsic signals that govern their transport and localization in the cells)

My Hobby:

It will not be out of place to mention here that music is my passion. In my school and college days, I played the Sitar for 20 years. I had the unique opportunity of participating in the 9th Inter University Youth Festival held in Delhi where I played Sitar in the presence of the then Prime Minister ( Late) Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. I had to say good bye to this beautiful instrument when I joined Army.

But in the absence of Sitar I continued my music passion through singing. During my stay in Calcutta I happened to share my PG accommodation with one Director of a Bengali Film on whose request I sang two songs in his Bengali film ‘Parokiya’.

But I never was a professional in this field and music for me has always been ‘swaantah sukhaye’ and has contributed largely towards maintaining my physical fitness and mental robustness besides my sustaining a highly assertive and positive attitude in life a with a flavor for creative and innovative ideas.


One thing which I always tell my children and my near and dear ones and which I strongly uphold, is that it is our biggest responsibility to keep ourselves physically fit and free from illness. Then only, perhaps, we will be able to look after others. And there is nothing more painful in life than living a life full of illness and sickness. I hardly find animals and birds suffering or dying from life style diseases unless, of course, they drift away from their natural feed and are fed human diet. In a zoo once I listened to an announcement which was somewhat like this “Please do not feed the elephants. They will fall sick”

Learn from nature. Be close to nature. The whole existence is in tune with nature and is in a state of constant dance. Listen - it tells you something. When our pet dog falls sick, it runs to the green field and starts chewing some particular grass and cures itself. However, when we fall sick, we run to the doctor and lose more health and wealth too. Many times I have seen a diabetic patient going to the doctor who himself is diabetic; a heart patient going to the doctor who himself is a heart patient and the doctor saying “I am taking these medicines so you can also take”

And a lifelong relationship follows.

Life style diseases are caused because of a faulty life style. Diet is a major component of lifestyle besides other factors like sleep, love, laughter, exercise and physical activity and of course our attitude. We may not be able to control the environment in which we live. But we can surely control and regulate our diet. Existence has prescribed diet for all living beings. Is it not your wisdom to find out what diet is good for you? Which life style will suit you well? All answers lie in nature. You need to dig deeper and find them out. I have found mine but am still digging for more – deeper and deeper until the seeker in me finds his destination - far beyond …undisclosed ….unknown.


(About Rakesh Kumar Shukla: Rakesh worked in the Indian Army for a few years & then worked in the corporate sector for over 25 years. A Human Resource expert by profession, at that point of time, little did he know about his interest in health. Today he is on a mission to spread knowledge about natural health, he conducts workshop & helps people become medicine free. He is a music buff & enjoys singing in his free time.)

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