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7-Day Natural Health Treatment & Training Camp (8th-14th Apr)



Natural Hygiene is a science of healing that believes in the body’s own intelligence and self-healing powers. Every living being is endowed with a self-repairing, self-maintaining & self-improving mechanism. Reliance on the body's intelligence is Natural Hygiene. It is the only system of health given to us by Nature – unlike all other systems of healing that were invented by man. 

“Don’t check your health parameters’ check your habits” ~ Dr. Arun Sharma. 

If we eat and live as per nature’s design, we will not need to keep a check on blood pressure, glucose, or cholesterol. It will all come under control on its own. Natural Hygiene teaches the art of clean eating habits, incorporating natural foods in the daily diet, utilizing natural elements - Sun, Air & Water to raise health and erase disease. 

Natural Hygiene does not recognize any disease as an entity. Lowered level of health is the cause for diabetes, hypertension, or any other disease condition. Overall improvement of health cures all diseases.


LEVEL 1 BASIC Membership Certificate Course 
Dates: 8 Apr (Thu) - 14 Apr (Wed)

What will you learn?

  • Training in the Basic principles and practice of Nature Cure

  • Treatment through:

    • Hydrotherapy

    • Solar Therapy

    • Yoga

    • Pranayama

    • Meditation

    • Self-Massage

    • Tasty Diet Preparation

LEVEL 2 ADVANCE - Intensive Training for Professional Practice (Level 1 Certificate is Pre-requisite)
Dates: 8 Apr (Thu) - 17 Apr (Sat)

What will you learn?

  • Lecturer or a professor teaching Natural Health Science for 4 year degree courses. (Should have a Master's degree in any subject)

  • Demonstrators conducting practical classes in hydrotherapy, solar therapy, Diet Preparation, Massage, Yoga, Pranayama, & Meditation. (High School Certification)

  • Home Health Care Technicians: To treat patients in the comfort of their homes, through all the methods mentioned above, and counseling.

  • Public Speakers: Any one who is fluent in any of the languages, could be trained to give lectures, seminars, and classes to large gathering real or virtual online sessions.

Please Note:
1. Certification of the Course - After Clearing the Examination
2. Accommodation with attached bathrooms.
3. Venue: Balaji Nirogdham, Bakhtawarpur, New Delhi - 110036
4. Fees Level 1: (Dormitory-Rs. 17500/-) (Private Double - Rs. 20500/-) (Deluxe Double-24500/-)
5. Fees Level 2: (Dormitory-Rs. 26000/-) (Private Double - Rs. 30000/-) (Deluxe Double-37000/-) (Includes Participation Certificate, Training, Therapy, Food and Stay)

- 1 year subscription of Wellcure worth Rs.1200
- eLearning and live course bookings worth 2000 in future
- 4 ebooks worth Rs.1400

About International Institute of Mahayoga and Natural Hygiene:
The institute’s vision is to re-establish Natural Hygiene in its purest form. Dr. Arun Sharma is the Founder Director of the institute. He is the grandson of Acharya Lakshmana Sarma, father of Natural Hygiene in India. Dr. Arun has more than 45 years of experience in treating patients with chronic ailments through Nature Cure. His camps are becoming more & more popular & thousands of patients who were suffering from incurable chronic diseases for years, have returned to normal health under his able guidance.  


  • Mr Chandrashekhar has been a part of this camp when it took place 3 years ago in Bangalore at the Gandhi Bhavan. He was extremely impressed by the changes he experienced in himself as well as the people around him. He wanted to lose weight naturally and did not want to use any medication as intervention in this process.He came across Mr. Arun Sharma (Guruji as Mr. Chandrashekhar refers to him) and decided to attend his camp. Here he learnt the importance of mono-eating that is eating only one kind of fruit for breakfast. Lunch included salads (basically promotion of eating food raw). Dinner was mostly semi-cooked vegetables with one portion of whole grains. Spices and salt (rock salt only) was added after the cooking was complete. This ensures that the nutrients of the vegetables remain intact. The diet was coupled with regular sessions of pranayama, yoga and tona cleansing (a non violent way of expelling toxins from your body). All this led him to lose 10 to 12 kilos in a span of just 40 days.He was so impressed by this way of living and so convinced that it would work for people with chronic ailments as well that when he returned home he tried to cure a lady with BP problems. He is proud to acclaim that it worked without the intervention of medication. Mr. Chandrashekhar now swears by Nature cure and has made it his life’s purpose to help people who are ready to give this new lifestyle a chance.
  • Mr. Vinoth spent 7 days at this camp in 2015. He had developed a severe case of ankylosing spondylitis. He was restricted to the bed and took more than 20 medicines in a day. Then he came across Mr. Arun Sharma and went through his Facebook page. This is when he realised that to cure himself completely he had to try a different method. He got in touch with Mr. Sharma and decided to attend the camp. He came across many challenges when he began the camp since he could barely move. Slowly and steadily with various sessions of solar therapy (by sun bathing) to reduce swelling and hydro therapy (on pain stricken areas) to help with the pain he saw marvellous and miraculous changes in himself. The practices of fasting and eating raw, picked up from the camp were sustainable changes and easy to follow. He was able to easily incorporate everything taught to him at the camp in his everyday life. He is now a healthier individual than he was a few years ago. He specifically loved the fact that this camp was suitable for people of all age groups who wish to bring a change in their lifestyle. The camp included many things which make you a better individual overall. He also accredited his belief in nature cure to Mr. Arun Sharma. Today even Mr. Vinoth swears by nature cure and has made it his life's purpose to help people cure their disease through this process.
  •  Ms. Tulika Sanadhya had been battling with rheumatoid arthritis since the birth of her child. She also had many other health issues like allergies as soon as there was a change in season, low levels of calcium, vitamin D and haemoglobin. Taking medicines helped only to a certain extent. Soon she got fed up with using medication for every little allergy that she was going through. She soon empowered herself with the knowledge of Nature Cure. She became a believer that only Mother Nature could nurse her back to health. It did work for her, today she is healthy and free from fatigue, aches and pains. She attended Mr. Arun Sharma’s camp in 2019 in Delhi and Coimbatore, since she wanted a deeper insight into the world of nature cure. Her biggest take away from the camp was that she learnt about being reliant on creative intelligence to heal by way of nature cure. She learnt the 5 elements of nature and how to incorporate these elements to create a holistic life that is healthy and motivated by nature. She also learnt the importance of being outdoors and soaking in Vitamin D from the sun directly. She understood that nature had so much to offer. All we have to do is understand it and then open our arms and welcome it. Eventually, we will all be healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Nandani Gulati was overweight, had a BP issue and rheumatoid arthritis. Later she was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic. She had been on regular medication and took her pills right on time and did everything right medically speaking. Soon she realised that this was not the best course of action for her to solve her 3.5 health issues. So she decided to research and came across the body’s ability to heal itself, naturally. During her research she came across this camp by Mr. Arun Sharma in Feb 2018 in Pune and decided to attend it. This is where she learnt the most of Nature Cure. Dr. Sharma is of the belief that it came from the Vedas. She learnt the importance of eating raw, and the importance of eating whole. Eating meals with very little to no salt and spices, Dr. Arun Sharma also taught the importance of 5 elements of nature and their incorporation. Soon, by May 2018, Nandita stopped taking her medicines and started living a life more close to Mother Nature and also rid herself of the 3.5 problems that she had.

Contact on Whatsapp @ +91 9810693910 for any queries


Cancellation Policy:

  1. The participation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. The personal information of each participant is secure with us. Your privacy is guaranteed.
  3. In case of program cancellation by Wellcure, users will be refunded 100% of the program fee; which should reflect in their accounts in 5-7 working days.

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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