10:14 AM | 24-12-2018

Hi. My baby is 6. 5 months old. He has got cough n cold since more than 15 days. What natural remedies can I use to cure him?

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5 Answers

10:31 AM | 24-12-2018

Focus on the baby’s rest and sleep during this time.  Do know that the body does a great job of cleaning and repairing when it is rested well.  So if the stuffy nose is keeping him awake, do steam 3-4 times a day to allow for comfortable sleeping.  Do expose to early morning and evening sun. You will see what a difference it will make to the stuffy nose and congestion.  Sun is a natural anti-congestion remedy, and I do that diligently with my child whenever going through a bout of fever, cold or cough.

Ensure he is is sleeping earlier than usual in evenings.  Massage him well each night with warm mustard oil and garlic …soles, head, nose and chest and back.

Giving lukewarm water bath also helps with the congestion.

10:30 AM | 24-12-2018

Have faith that his body is doing a great job by eliminating all the excess overload.  In my case, keeping my child off dairy milk for periods of cold and congestion really worked.  If you are breastfeeding, continue to do so. Remember that’s the best cure. In any case he will more clingy, so soothe and comfort him.

Also for congestion steam really helps.  Overnight steamers also work wonders. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil near pillow also helps.  Keep his pillow / head slightly elevated to allow for more comfortable sleeping.

10:29 AM | 24-12-2018

The cough and cold is a way of the body cleansing its blood and eliminating the toxins out. In case you are giving any packaged processed foods such as cerelac, pls stop as it is highly processed. It will create a residue that’s toxic and thereby block nourishment from being absorbed.

Also, you can apply a little warm oil with a small amount of ginger or eucalyptus in it on his back and chest. Or do a hot fomentation with ajwain in it.

10:28 AM | 24-12-2018

The body stays in health when nourished. Part of the nourishment needed is food. This food has to be in accordance to how nature meant us to eat, and which is in line with the structure and function of the body. When nourishment comes down and load on the body ie physical, mental or digestive goes up, the body is no longer in balance. The discharge (cold and cough) is the body's way of throwing out the toxins to regain this balance and health. As a mother you need to support the baby’s body to regain the balance.  Here are a few things you could focus on:

Increasing raw intake is very important, as in most natural form raw food act to cleanse the body and help throw out the toxins.  This means, you will need to increase his fruits, vegetables intake. Increase his fruits in morning and evening both. You could start his day with soaked dry fruits & fruit smoothie without milk.  Babies have a natural liking for mashed fruits and smoothies. Consider giving a full bowl / whatever he eats. Consider this as a full meal.

Again in evening instead of a cooked meal, consider giving another round of fruits – whatever he likes.  

During lunch, you could consider giving steamed mashed veggies, soups mixed with nuts.  Make sure you add a bit of raw grated veggies in here (any watery one which baby likes)

Avoid white sugar, refined oil, spices, dairy milk, wheat, oats for him for some time. Instead you could give him besan sheera, millets based porridge. Make his porridge in homemade coconut or almond milk, instead of dairy milk.

10:26 AM | 24-12-2018

Give lots of nourishing warm soups, focus a lot on his sleeping, take him out dedicatedly in the sun every morning.

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