10:11 AM | 02-02-2022

Hi i have varicose veins & so there is pain in my legs always, what to do?

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06:52 PM | 02-05-2024

Hi Mahek Jethani,

Thank you for sharing your query with us!

Let us address the root cause of the issue, the accumulation of toxins in the body due to wrong lifestyle & diet causes imbalance in the body. Pain is caused when there is extra pressure in a part of the body as the body is trying to restore balance. So, in your case pain shows up in legs for the restoration of circulation of fluids. 

Here are few guidelines to follow to ease the condition:

  • avoid: acidic foods like deep fried foods, processed foods, dairynon vegovereating grains, tea, coffee or alcohol
  • start day with lukewarm water with added lemon juice
  • have fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts, nuts & seeds
  • massage legs with coconut oil + ginger juice 
  • soak sun everyday
  • do some physical activity (as per your body allows)

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