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10-Day Natural Detox Live Program | Batch 13 | 12-22 Feb

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Year-end calls for late-night parties and binging on festive treats. But all these celebrations leave us fatigued and bloated! That's not how we want a brand new year to begin right?

Big changes start with the right beginnings and a new mindset.

Recalibrate your diet, reconfigure your taste buds, Reset your mind & body. Give your organs a chance to rest and recover.

Look ahead with confidence and positivity about your health and lifestyle. Let nature guide you with her wisdom. Learn to sync your life with the Laws of Nature and Detox Naturally from New Year festivities.

Batch 13 | 12-22 Feb 2022

Do you suffer from these problems?

Chronic constipation, gas, excess weight, sinus issues, bad skin, bad breath, insomnia, inability to concentrate, nervousness, headaches, other pains, low energy, low moods, etc?

Indulged in heavy food this festival season? Feeling grumpy and out of balance?

You need a detox!

Toxins present in the system affect every organ and cause systematic degeneration and slow down leading to more serious issues later in life.

Join us for a 10-day detox program. Challenge yourself with this easy step-by-step program.

Build your real wealth - Give yourself the gift of health.

Program Inclusions:

  • 10 health challenges to be followed for 10 days

  • 3 LIVE group calls for Q&A with Natural Health Coaches

  • 5  Detox Special Yoga session Recordings

  • Detox recipes, Cooking demo videos

  • Many bonus tips

  • Access to healthy recipes

  • Daily support via WhatsApp

The 10 health challenges will include Diet & Lifestyle actions. 

There will be 5 BONUS Detox Special Yoga session videos that are specially designed to:

  • Utilize the cleansing power of Yoga to promote detoxification

  • Remove tension, physical impurities, and energy blockages 

  • Purify the body and mind

  • Increase enthusiasm, joy, and motivation

  • Improve the quality of sleep

  • Strengthen the immune system

Expected Results in 10 Days:

  • Better energy levels

  • More focus

  • Improved digestion and overall well-being

Program Schedule:

  • Kick-Off Session | 12 Feb, 12-1 PM

    1. Understand what are toxins and how are they created

    2. How toxins reflect in body symptoms

    3. The 'Law of Unity'

    4. The 'What & How of Detox

  • Catch-Up Session | 17 Feb, 6-7 PM

    • Mental release therapy
    • Eye cupping therapy
    • Face Lymphatic Massage To Reduce Bloating & Puffiness
    • Body Dry Brushing For Skin Detoxification
  • Closing Call | 22 Feb, 6-7 PM

    1. Recap of detox principles

    2. Understanding body's vital 'Prana Shakti'

    3. Art of balance in daily life

    4. How to keep the lifestyle sustainable

  • Yoga Session Recordings on Detox Asanas, Eye exercises for improved vision, Mudra for enhanced focus, Pranayama, Raising energy with Chakras



  • WhatsApp group & e-learning platform (access as you prefer)

  • Posts by Wellcure every morning 

  • Your Q&A every day from 4-5 pm IST

Program Dates: Batch 13 | 12-22 Feb 2022

Program Fee: INR 999/-

Discounted Price: INR 799.2/-


Understand the benefits of detox through the lens of Nature Cure and learn the art of living a naturally healthy life.

Participants from previous batches of the program say:

"The program was much easier than the regular cooking that I was doing. It helped me regulate my bowel movement. After ages, I started feeling much lighter during the day. Thank you for teaching them healthy habits and answering all my queries." ~ Surbhy Khatri, Chennai

"The program helped me put a lot of things in perspective with respect to my eating habits. It helped me make some meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes. A lot of things said are very logical and have a scientific basis. I would strongly recommend this to everyone!"~ Gaurav Dani , New Delhi

"I really enjoyed the program and came back to participate again a second time. The health advisors are available to answer questions and give you access to delicious recipes that the family completely enjoyed. So if you are looking for a natural health care program in a comfortable setting, look no further! Wellcure provides you the resources and tools to do so. I highly recommend Wellcure!" ~ Radha, USA

" The detox program was exciting, filled with new learnings & understanding your body & its association with not just food, but also with nature. It gave tips of being healthy, feeling happy and bright with doable changes in lifestyle. It helped me explore a lot of healthy options for lunch and dinner. Before beginning the program, I was worried about taking up challenges but 10 days down the line, I felt energetic and blessed" 
~ Kangna Sethi, Kanpur

" I am thankful for the constant support. I lost 2.6 kgs of weight and my friends complimented me saying that I was glowing. I couldn't have asked for more" 
~ Penny, Hyderabad

Note: This program is not meant for people who suffer from any chronic health condition or/and are under long term medication for the same. You are requested to explore our Detox Program - 1 Month Personal Health Coaching, where we can offer you a personalized detox plan based on your health status

Program Coaches

Ishita Lote  

A Plant-Based Natural Health Coach, Yoga Wellness Instructor & Diabetes Educator, Ishita holds a Master's degree in Nutrition & Health Communication, a bachelors degree in Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics, Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training from AMI Yoga Global. She conducts online yoga classes and has worked on nutrition projects with The Yoga Institute ( Mumbai), The Indian Navy (INS Hamla), and The Spastic Society (Mumbai). 

Anchal Kapur 

A Lifestyle Medicine Coach from Hippocrates Health Institute, USA, and a Nature Cure Health Coach from the International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene, USA. Anchal triumphed over ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease & infertility with a holistic and natural health approach. She is passionate about helping people heal naturally and guiding people to meet their health goals by following the Laws of Nature.

Contact on WhatsApp @ +91 9910607815 or +91-9810693910 or +91-8447412948 for any queries. 

Cancellation Policy:

  1. The participation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. Personal information of each participant is secure with us. Your privacy is guaranteed.
  3. In case of program cancellation by Wellcure, users will be refunded 100% of the program fee; which should reflect in their accounts in 5-7 working days.



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