21-Day Build Healthy Habits Challenge | Group Coaching Program | 01 Dec - 22 Dec | 6 PM

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Welcome to The New Year On a Healthy Note!

Learn 7 New Micro Habits For Macro Benefits

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We tend to wake up at the same time each day, brush our teeth, have morning coffee and commute to work, following the same patterns every day. Think about an activity that took you a long time to learn, like how to ride a bicycle. At first, riding a bicycle was difficult and you had to devote a lot of mental energy to it. But after consistent efforts, you grew comfortable with cycling and it became much easier — almost habitual.


Sometimes it can be hard to form new healthy habits especially if you want to stick with them for the long term. However, it is not impossible. 

This program focuses on building 7 Healthy Habits over a period of 21 days to make you healthy, efficient and productive. It is designed to be fun, and fast-paced like a game, with guidance from experts at every step to overcome challenges and accomplish personal goals.


What Will You Learn?

  • How to introduce healthy habits into your routine?

  • How to overcome challenges?

  • The science of habit management

  • How to increase willpower for habit building?

  • Strategies to accomplish New Year Resolutions!


Build 7 New Healthy Habits

1.  Sweet is my nature

2.  Bliss in Blessings

3.  Sun yourself

4.  The Undigital revolution

5.  Niksen

6.  Away to la la land

7.  Fast track your health

 Habit Building Activities, Competitions & Prizes To Be Won Too!


Expected Result?

You’ll build small habits that can change your life for the better, in a stress-free manner.

  • Lose weight

  • Feel energetic

  • Experience calm

  • Start living a healthier lifestyle

  • Start getting more efficient and productive


Program Schedule:

LIVE Session 1: 1 Dec (Thursday), 6 pm 

  • Importance of Building Habits & Routines

  • Science of Habit Management & Techniques

  • How does a Natural Lifestyle help in Habit Building?

  • Introducing Habit 1 

In each of the following sessions, Introduce a New Habit and learn:

  • How does this habit benefit you?

  • How to add it to your routine?

  • How to overcome any challenges in building the habit?

LIVE Session 2: 3  Dec (Saturday), 6 pm

LIVE Session 3: 7  Dec (Wednesday), 6 pm

LIVE Session 4: 10  Dec (Saturday), 6 pm

LIVE Session 5: 13  Dec (Tuesday), 6 pm

LIVE Session 6: 16 Dec (Friday), 6 pm

LIVE Session 7: 19  Dec (Monday), 6 pm

LIVE Session 8: 22  Dec (Thursday), 6 pm

  • How to sustain good habits?

  • Experience sharing, Q&A

  • Announcement of the winner! (Who successfully built all the 7 habits in time?)


Program Fee: INR 624

Discounted Price: INR 499/-



  • 8 LIVE Interactive Sessions

  • Building 7 Healthy Micro Habits

  • Habit Building Action Plans 

  • WhatsApp Support For Troubleshooting & Executing The Plan


Program Coaches:

Asha Shivaram 

A Nature Cure Educator, Natural Health Coach & a certified Whole food, plant-based nutritionist, Asha has been living a healthy, high raw plant-based lifestyle for several years now. She has coached many people to undertake their own healthy journeys and reverse diseases such as obesity, thyroid, eczema, psoriasis, low energy, diabetes, etc. She is passionate about advocating natural health & healing to the world.

Chahal Malhotra

For More Details, Please Call or WhatsApp: +91 9630162732, 9548714775

Cancellation Policy:

  • The participation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • The personal information of each participant is secure with us. Your privacy is guaranteed.

  • In case of program cancellation by Wellcure, users will be refunded 100% of the program fee; which should reflect in their accounts in 5-7 working days.



2022-12-01 06:00 PM - 2022-12-22 08:00 PM

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