Non-Veg Alternatives cooking workshop

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Make 100% Plant-based Foods That Taste Like Non-Veg!

No-Chemicals | No-Processing | No-Preservatives

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Plant-based meats? No, that’s not an oxymoron. It is an innovation, one of the biggest food trends of 2021!

It is an exciting time to adopt a plant-based diet. Not only would you be eating healthier if you go plant-based, but even your taste buds would be thanking you. Because now with just a bit of culinary expertise you can make plant-based proteins taste like meat. And no, we aren’t talking about the highly processed, industrial-made plant-based meats. We have innovated and created meat alternatives with vegetables, without any harmful processing!

You have seen us teaching you a wide range of plant-based recipes but this workshop is special. As it is going to teach you delicious, easy, and nutritious recipes that are totally plant-based but taste and look like non-veg food. Join the Culinary Expert & Food Blogger, Dr. Anubha Gupta at the Non-veg Alternatives Cooking Workshop.

If you have recently turned vegan or adopted plant-based eating but still want to enjoy the texture and flavors of meat, hop on and learn to make plant-based non-veg recipes. 

Here’s How the Workshop will Benefit You :

  • You can make preservative-free, protein-rich meat alternatives at home

  • You can speed up your transition to plant-based eating

  • You can create healthier versions of your favorite non-veg recipes

  • You can Delight your family with meat-like veg dishes

Learn the Skills to:

  1. Create the taste, texture & flavor of non-veg with plant-based ingredients

  2. Cook without dairy, gluten, or deep frying

  3. Transform veggies to protein-rich, meat look-alike dishes

Workshop Schedule & Menu:

19th June (Saturday), 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

LIVE Cooking Demonstrations:

  1. Tofu Chicken Nuggets

  2. Veg Shami Kebab

  3. Vegan Rogan Josh

  4. Jackfruit Butter Chicken

  5. Mushroom Meatballs

BONUS Free E-book with Additional Recipes

WhatsApp group support for Q&A: 21st - 23rd June, 11:00 am -1:00 pm

Ask questions at Wellcure e-learning for 90 days.

Recording of the workshop will be accessible for 90 days.

Workshop Fee: INR 550/-


Are you still sitting on the fence? Read below to know the benefits of plant-based meats 

Animal Meats Vs. Plant-based Meats

  • Animal-based processed meats are linked to health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. A plant-based diet can heal & prevent lifestyle diseases. 

  • Animal meats are higher in calories and fat content (even the lean cuts) as compared to plant-based foods.

  • The animal meat industry leaves a huge carbon footprint on the planet. Plant-based foods are good for you and the planet. 

  • Consumption of animal meats leaves plenty of chemical toxins & acidic residues in your body. Organically grown plant foods are safer and healthier.

  • Animal meats provide no fiber content and are difficult to digest. Plant-based meats are fiber-rich and easier to digest.

Workshop Coach:

Dr. Anubha Gupta (ex-professor of Finance) is a culinary expert & food blogger, who specializes in recreating the healthiest versions of traditional without compromising on taste. She is passionate about plant-based eating and her recipes are mostly free of Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, and Oil. Following her passion for cooking, she became a food influencer in 2020. 

Contact on Whatsapp @ +91 9910607815 for any queries.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. The participation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  2. The personal information of each participant is secure with us. Your privacy is guaranteed.

  3. In case of program cancellation by Wellcure, users will be refunded 100% of the program fee; which should reflect in their accounts in 5-7 working days.


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