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Are You Allergic To Pollen, Dust & Even Some Foods?
Embrace Nature Cure, And Get Your Health Renewed!


Monsoon has arrived! The sky turns dark, the leaves turn green and everything looks fresh and renewed. Unfortunately, for some of us, season change comes with sneeze marathons and constant wheezing.  Allergies have now become one of the most frequent reasons for sick leave - with about 1 in 3 Indians getting affected by some form of it. Apart from seasonal allergies, some other commonly experienced allergies are due to dairy, wheat, pollen, smoke, and dust. 

Allergic responses can range from mild symptoms such as itchy watery eyes, nausea, and fatigue to some severe skin diseases such as eczema and skin breakouts. Turning to medications for instant relief may seem to solve your problems- but at the cost of making you drowsy and leaving you with long-lasting side effects!

Do you trust in your body's highly intelligent mechanism to make things right for itself? Did you know that removal of accumulated toxins in the body can completely cure you of all your allergies? 

Suppressing the body’s messages and normal reactions will only cause your problems to intensify. Instead, learn to handle your allergies naturally and help your body get back to normalcy.

Join Natural Health Coach and Nature Cure Practitioner Asha Shivaram & Yoga Wellness Instructor Ishita Lote for a 3-day program to relieve skin, food and respiratory allergies! 



10th Aug (Tue)  5:30-7 P
 Understanding allergies
- Food & Non Food Allergies
- Progression of allergic reactions
- Understanding triggers
- Short term, long term and quick relief
-Practical: Lymphatic Dry Brushing

11th Aug (Wed) 5:30-7 PM
Food allergies
-Label reading
-Role of common allergens and substitutes
-Healing stories and real life cases

12th Aug (Thu) 5:30-7 PM
Healing Diet plan and Therapies
-Foods to include and exclude
-Yoga nidra for stress management
-Jal Neti

BONUS Takeaways
1. 5 Immunity Balancing Recipe Videos
-Almond Milk
-Millet Roti
-Raw Nut Balls
-Cold Soup
2. 1 Year Access to Recordings

Program Fee: INR 749/-


Program Coaches:
Asha Shivaram is a Nature Cure Practitioner and Whole food plant-based exponent from the Wellcure team. Asha has been living a healthy, high raw plant-based lifestyle for several years now. She has coached many people to undertake their own healthy journeys and reverse diseases. She is passionate about spreading the word of healthy cooking and nature-synced lifestyle to reach more families.

Ishita Lote is a qualified Yoga Wellness Instructor and a yoga practitioner for 8 years. Her teachings are inspired by her gurus who are affiliated with the Bihar school of yoga. Having experienced the immense healing benefits of yoga, she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and helping people recognize their own inner healing potential.

Contact on Whatsapp @ +91 9910607815 or +91-9810693910 or +91-8447412948 for any queries. 

Cancellation Policy:

  • The participation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • The personal information of each participant is secure with us. Your privacy is guaranteed.

  • In case of program cancellation by Wellcure, users will be refunded 100% of the program fee; which should reflect in their accounts in 5-7 working days.

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