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Does your skin feel dull and aged? Did you know that repetitive facial movements like chewing, frowning, and talking can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles?

Think again if you feel the solution only lies inexpensive facial treatments and products!

Join us for a 3-day intensive face-building masterclass and learn exercises that will help you tone your face naturally at home!


Did you know that your face is made up of about 60 muscles! The key lies in using and strengthening the muscles of your face. Just like you exercise your body to stay fit and shapely, with facial exercises you can achieve youthful-looking radiant skin at home naturally. Unique facial movements and expressions can help you achieve a firmer and more sculpted face line and give you greater self-confidence and well-being.

How do Facial exercises work?
1) Improve blood circulation towards the face, resulting in a healthy glow and natural radiance

2) Relax and release the tension and stress built upon the face

3) Lift and strengthen the facial muscles and bring about symmetry on the face

4) Improve oxygenation that helps the skin breathe and supplies essential nutrients

5) Decreases inflammation and boosts collagen production naturally

Program Highlights:

  • Learn targeted exercises to tone 6 common concern areas: Forehead, Eyes, Mouth, Nasolabial Folds, Neck & Jawline
  •  Learn 50+ simple face firming exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • Exercises to tackle fine lines, wrinkles & double chin and achieve a toned face.
  • 1 year recording access
  • 5 BONUS Pre-recorded Practice Along Routines
  • Anti-Ageing DIYs
  • Free handout of the list of all exercises covered

Program Schedule: 3 LIVE sessions

Session 1 - UPLIFT YOUR FACE: 6th Aug (Fri) 3:30- 4:45 PM

  • Learn the science behind facial exercises
    Target Areas Covered:
    - Forehead
    - Eyes
    - Nose

Session 2 - TONE YOUR FACE: 7th Aug (Sat) 3:30-4:45 PM

  • Target Areas Covered:

Session 3 - DRAIN YOUR FACE: 8th Aug (Sun) 3:30-4:45 PM

  • Lymphatic Massage to remove toxins from the face

  • Pressure Points for deeper relaxation & to Release stiffness

  • Quick fix 15 min routine

Target Area Covered:
-Neck & Shoulders

Expected key benefits
Firmer skin
Healthy glow & improved skin luster
Symmetrical face
Improved face elasticity
Relaxation of the face
Reduced strain in the eyes, neck, and shoulders
Improved sense of well being

Bootcamp Fee: INR 599/-,


About the Presenter
Ishita Lote is a qualified Yoga Wellness Instructor and a yoga practitioner for 8 years. Her teachings are inspired by her gurus who are affiliated with the Bihar school of yoga. Having experienced the immense healing benefits of yoga, she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and helping people recognize their own inner healing potential. 

Contact on Whatsapp @ +91 9910607815 or +91-9810693910 or +91-8447412948 for any queries. 

Cancellation Policy:

  1. The participation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. The personal information of each participant is secure with us. Your privacy is guaranteed.
  3. In case of program cancellation by Wellcure, users will be refunded 100% of the program fee; which should reflect in their accounts in 5-7 working days.

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