Niramya | Detox & De-Stress Health Retreat In The Aravalli Hills (17th to 19th September)

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Learn a lifestyle that helps you and your family stay Disease-Free and Healthy!


Have you been craving to get out of the routine and take a break? Does your lifestyle leave you exhausted most of the time?

Come, rejuvenate with us at the 5-day natural health retreat in the beautiful ambiance of Aravalli Hills. A stone’s throw away from Delhi, this retreat is not just a relaxing getaway but also a learning experience. 

After The Retreat You Will Be Able To:

  • Lead a lifestyle in sync with nature

  • Cook & eat plant-based meals

  • Perform daily natural therapies 

  • Live a lifestyle that keeps your body detoxed and prevents diseases


You Need This Retreat, If:

  • You want to lose weight & learn to cook and eat healthier

  • You experience frequent bouts of physical illnesses (fever, cold, acidity, bloating, aches & pains. etc.)

  • You often find yourself struggling with brain fog, stress, and anxiety

  • Your productivity at work and home has gone for a toss

  • You feel the need of taking a break in the lap of nature

  • You want to learn how to live a natural lifestyle

  • You want to lose weight & eat healthier

Come To Your Wellness Sanctuary

This is not an ordinary retreat but a starting point for your wellness journey. The experience will be:

Holistic: You feel well only when your entire being is healthy - mind, body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. We help you heal holistically.

Natural: Being in sync with nature is the only way to sustained health. We will eat and live as per nature’s laws and rhythms. 

Plant-based: Sun is the primary source of energy that gets transferred to plants, and then to us. We don’t dilute the energy any further. We will eat 100% plant-based whole foods. 

Relaxing: The mind needs leisure time to rejuvenate. Unwind with recreational evening activities in a safe and compassionate ambiance. 

Empowering: Your body has self-healing power you just need to facilitate the process. We enable you to take charge of your health.


What To Expect At The Retreat?

  • 10 Natural Lifestyle Training Sessions from the experts

  • Plant-based, Organic, Delicious Meals

  • Forest Bath (Nature Walks)

  • Natural Therapies & Yoga

  • Meet-ups & Entertainment 

  • Individual Natural Health Counseling

  • Health Assessment & Future Roadmap

Your Daily Schedule Will Look Like This:

Early Morning (6:00-8:00 AM)

  1. Sungazing

  2. Hydrotherapy

  3. Cleanse with Tona

  4. Yoga

Morning (8:00-10:00 AM)

  1. Natural Therapies

  2. Forest Bath (Nature Walk)

  3. Fruit Breakfast

  4. Health Assessment 

Mid-Morning (10:00 AM -12:30 PM)

  1. Natural Health Training

  2. Natural Skin & Hair Care

  3. Natural Eye Care

  4. Individual Health Counseling

Afternoon (12:30-2:00 PM)

  1. Plant-based Lunch

  2. Whole, Natural Foods

  3. Yog Nidra

  4. Rest & Rejuvenation

Late Afternoon (2:00-4:00 PM)

  1. Natural Lifestyle Training

  2. Face Yoga & Brain Yoga

  3. Gratitude Practices

  4. Experience Sharing

Evening (4:00-6:00 PM)

  1. Yoga Asanas

  2. Pranayama Training

  3. Yog Nidra 

Night (6:00-9:00 PM)

  1. Healthy Dinner

  2. Meet-up & Leisure Time

  3. Entertainment & Games 

  4. Off To Bed


Your Health Coaches & Hosts

Ankur Bhatia

Natural Health Coach & Yoga Specialist

He is a certified Yoga Instructor (2007) from Bihar School of Yoga, Munge, a practicing Health Coach who integrates Yoga therapy with meditation techniques for healing. He has completed the advanced programs ‘Hatha Yoga Yatra’ Yoga Nidra course and Holistic Nutrition from IMANAH, USA & The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai.

Anchal Kapur

Natural Health & Lifestyle Coach

A Lifestyle Medicine Coach from Hippocrates Health Institute, USA, Anchal has also learned Nature Cure from the IMANAH, USA. Adopting a Natural Lifestyle helped her overcome fertility issues and attain motherhood naturally. She is passionate about helping people simplify their journey of a Natural Lifestyle to reap long-term health benefits through consistent, sustainable actions.

Sanjeeta Arora

Consultant Dietician & Nutritionist

A certified nutritionist and former research scientist at the Center for Micronutrient Research, Sanjeeta believes in Nature Cure’s philosophy of ‘Let food be the medicine & medicine be the food’. Her consultation focuses on elevating health and healing by eating right. She has worked at the St. Stephens hospital in Delhi and did her post-graduation in Food & Nutrition from IHM, Delhi. 

Disclaimer: This program is not for anyone on heavy medications or suffering from chronic illnesses, such as liver diseases, heart issues, kidney disorders, or diabetes. 


Gurugram Naturopathy Cure Center

B-21, Valley View Estate, Gwal Pahari

Gurugram_Faridabad Road, Gurugram, Haryana - 122003

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Contact on WhatsApp @ +91 9910607815 or +91-9810693910 or +91-8447412948 for any queries. 

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