About Us

We are your partner and guide in living healthy, medicine-free life. Our approach is holistic, preventive, medicine-free, natural, and focuses on the reversal of diseases from their root cause.

“When we started to understand health through the lens of nature, we experienced the magic of natural healing. And all we did was make simple choices.”

Health is simple, it is your natural state of being. Your body has self-healing powers. All you need to do is provide your body with the right inputs & environment to heal. Wellcure helps you facilitate this natural process.

What can you do at Wellcure?

Get to know everything about natural healing, therapies, diet, lifestyle, and start living a medicine-free life!



Get in touch with India’s leading naturopaths, doctors, nutritionists and natural health coaches to become a healthier you.



Join our LIVE online workshops, retreats, onsite programs and online courses to how to implement natural healing & holistic nutrition in your daily life.



Access tons of free resources - blogs, videos, ask your health questions from experts, and start practicing a lifestyle that heals naturally.



Join the community of like-minded individuals who have experienced the power of natural healing and want everyone to benefit from this science.

Our Team

Coming from varied professional backgrounds, we all have experienced the magic of natural healing in our lives - which we aim to spread to the world.

Sumeet Kapur

Sumeet, worked with corporate sector for 9 years before starting his first venture in the digital education sector. Thereafter he set up Groupon India operations as CFO. He then set up and grew Nearbuy.com for 3 years as Cofounder and CFO.He is also co- founder of Inflection Point Ventures- an angel investing group of over 400 CXOs.

Sumeet is passionate about solving daily life problems. With Wellcure, his aim is to give people a platform where they can try healing themselves with nature cure concepts before they take any external medicinal help. a CA by qualification, He is leading the company overseeing entire finance, marketing and technology verticals.

Inderpreet Kaur

Inderpreet is a health enthusiast having extensive experience in Retail & F&B industry consulting & execution. She has worked with Technopack & Yum International in the initial years of her career.

She has also worked with Isha Foundation in their Revitalisation of Rivers in India project.

At Wellcure, she handles majority of Sales & Marketing Operations.

Ankur Bhatia

Ankur Bhatia is an experienced health coach specialising in integrative lifestyle management and Natural health coaching. With a focus on the three pillars of Rest, Nutrition, and Exercise, Ankur helps clients make sustainable lifestyle changes for optimal health.

Ankur has conducted multiple online programs covering a range of topics, including weight gain, sleep, nutrition, posture correction, and nature cure. Additionally, he has coached individuals in weight management and healing from chronic conditions.

Anchal Kapur

Anchal worked in the corporate sector for 10 years. She has worked with large corporates like Bharti and Dabur group handling acquisitions, private equity investments, JVs etc.
At a young age of 32, Anchal faced severe health challenges one after the other. She faced possibility of infertility and IVF. She made the necessary changes towards natural living, and witnessed the magic of body first hand. Her own turnaround inspired her to conceive the idea of Wellcure.

She is an MBA – Finance by qualification She is a practicing Health coach and driving the entire content portfolio, ask the experts section as well as conceiving and executing the health programs- Detox, Wight loss, Heart health etc.

Our Framework of Principles

There are a certain set of principles that we follow in our daily lives and these have benefitted our health. We feel each human body is unique, but following principles will provide you the overall framework to achieve good health. Each one of us should work towards finding our balance.

  • Body heals itself, we just need to facilitate the process.
  • Being in-health is nature’s design for all organisms, including humans.
  • What we eat, what we see, what we hear, what we smell, what we feel? - all are important.
  • Quality of health, not longevity, is a true measure of health.
  • Good health is conservation of body's energy at physical, mental and emotional level.

The Building Block of Good health

Right Food

Whole plant based foods

The evolution of human beings has primarily been supported by a whole plant based diet. They are not only nutritious; they are also easy for the body to digest, absorb and eliminate.

Living foods

Closest to their natural state are ‘live’ foods, they are teaming with enzymes beneficial for health. Cooking destroys enzymes and reduces nutritive value. Hence, try to include a lot of raw food in your diet.

Rest & Relaxation


Sleep is important for the repair and maintenance function of the body. Without proper sleep, body is unable to clean up the toxic build up in the system and toxicity is a key reason for all diseases.


From morning to night, we are always running around, trying to accomplish one thing or the other. Our body works best when it is relaxed. Hence, take out time during the day to drop off everything and rest for a few minutes every few hours.

Elements of Nature


Sunlight is antimicrobial and promotes healing.


Air balances your breath & vital life energies.


Water controls temperature, and improves blood circulation to the tissues that need healing.


Right form of Fasting cleanses & creates a healing environment in your body.


All fruits, vegetables & plant-based foods are detoxifying & energizing, boosting healing.

Harmony of Mind & Emotions

Positive engagement

Pursue an activity of your choice – music, gardening, singing, cooking, reading, etc. This helps us to stay relaxed and happily engaged.

Creating right behaviors

Healing environment around us supports quality of health.


Exercise helps to keep the body physically active and optimize its functions such as blood circulation. This is very important in today’s times where most of us have sedentary lifestyles.

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