Kodo Millet Rava

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Gluten Free & High Fibre Rava/Sooji. Excellent replacement for regular rava Helps in diabetes prevention & management as well as weight loss Made from Unpolished Foxtail millet. High on Protein Chemical free produce of small farmers

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Improve your dining experience by using our Kodo Millet Rava, a nourishing and nutrient-dense option that is not only gluten-free but also high in nutritional fibre. Traditional semolina (rava), which is prepared from polished foxtail millet, cannot compare to this remarkable rava, which is created from unpolished millet. It is a versatile ingredient that may enhance your favourite meals and is brimming with protein benefits.

The health advantages of kodo millet rava are numerous:
- It is the perfect supplement to your diet because of its high fibre content, which encourages good digestion.
- It is also naturally gluten-free, making it perfect for anyone who must follow a strict diet.
- Unpolished foxtail millet gives your dishes a significant protein boost, promoting your general nutrition and well-being.
- In addition to enjoying a delectable ingredient, Kodo Millet Rava helps you live a healthier lifestyle.

Use these straightforward storage recommendations to prolong its freshness:
- The Kodo Millet Rava should be kept somewhere cool and dry.
- To avoid moisture, keep it completely airtight and firmly shut.
- Avert exposure to intense heat or sunshine.
- Scooping out the rava requires a clean, dry spoon.
- Accept this nutritious decision, and savour the natural sweetness of Kodo Millet Rava with each bite.

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