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Gluten-free Flour (400 g) Kodo Poha (200 g) Siridhanya 5 Millet Rice Varients: 400 g each (Foxtail, Browntop, Kodo, Little Millet & Barnyard)

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  • Shelf Life: 24 Months
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With the Millets Health Package, you may open a door to well-being. Discover the richness of Kodo Poha, gluten-free flour, and Siridhanya Millet Rice blended into one healthful product. This combination, which is rich in important nutrients, not only satisfies your palate but also promotes general health. Enjoy a healthy excursion that has many advantages for your health.

The benefits of Kodo Poha, gluten-free flour, and Siridhanya Millet Rice are combined in our Millets Health Package. It is the ideal option for people with dietary limitations because these components are naturally free of gluten and high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. This package is made to help you keep:
- To aid in weight management.
- To promote heart health.
- To Provide sustained energy.
- To help you maintain a balanced diet.

To keep Millets Health Package at its best:
- Store in a cool and dry place and Keep it away from direct sunlight.
- Ensure that the package is sealed completely after every use to maintain quality.
- To ensure the optimum flavour and nutritional value, always abide by the best-before date.
- Keep it in an airtight container to extend shelf life.
- For a health and vitality boost, include these millets in a range of meals.

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