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03:45 PM | 01-04-2021

Hello! I am 50 years old. Since few years I am having chronic burning and inflammation in my stomach and above it. Have tried all remedies but cannot eradicate it from root. Pls help

12:57 PM | 22-03-2021

I have OCD. I am using some ayurvedic medicine for that but at night my mind become hyperactive(excessive thought) that I am not able to sleep. As medicine I am using one ashwagandha capsule, almond oil drop in nose. Doing alunom vilom. But no improvement. Due to excessive problem I had to take one allopathy (lonazep md. 25) to cool my nervous system so that I can sleep. But can't take it daily. Please tell me if there any proper ayurvedic medicine available in market. Do I need EEG test?

02:49 PM | 06-04-2021

04:20 PM | 01-05-2020

Hi! My age 21. Every morning when I wake up, my body is usually hot and feels weak. At each gap, every 3 hours, it happens again. What is happening? Also, I eat very good, nutritious food. Please help me.

10:23 AM | 05-04-2021

I am 59 years old I suffering from sleepleness for 15 years, no proper sleep. Pls advise

02:41 PM | 26-03-2021

Hi, I am 16 years old and I am suffering from white discharge from last two months. Please tell me home remedies to get me out of this. I told my mother about this but she did not pay any attention to it. My stomach also pains, so please help me, tell me any good medicine or any good home remedy.

02:41 PM | 25-03-2021

Can anyone suggest me about inch loss programme?

07:07 PM | 08-08-2019

Hi , Please suggest me as I have been detected recently with PCOD. How to reduce PCOD and weight as I have increased 10 kgs of weight in most few months despite of going for gym and yoga from 5 months?

10:25 AM | 05-04-2021

Hello. I think I am having an anxiety disorder. Whenever I get angry or stressed or frightened my body starts trembling and then after few mins it be normal. It only happens whenever I be frightened or frustrated or stressed. N I have a habbit of overthinking and about my future also. What should I do to overcome it? Pls help, any natural cure?

02:52 PM | 06-04-2021

Hi i have hypothyroidism, I take pill 125 mg and my thyroid is normal. I have infertility problem, my 2 Ivfs failed. I m very tried. Pls suggest.

01:00 PM | 22-03-2021

Namaste, Is it okay to drink sugarcane juice while juice fasting?

01:25 PM | 16-03-2021

Dear Doctor, I am patient of portal HT. Male 54 years old. Kindly advise diet plan, dos and don'ts for me. Shall be highly grateful. Thanks!

01:04 PM | 17-03-2021

I am 18 years old. I got prescribed spectacles of -1. 00 and -0. 75 for left and right eye respectively and I am using blue cut lens. 1) should I wear them during my studies or no? 2) how can I reduce power naturally?

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