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09:33 PM | 31-12-2019

Hi me Ravinder from amritsar. My daughter have type 1 diabetes. Doc detected her type 1 diabetes on 31st oct 2019. She is on insulin 3 times. Any suggestion for her. Means except of insulin inj

02:08 PM | 27-11-2021

I am facing serious acidity and gastric problem, I feel like vomiting most of the time. Can you please help me with the right solutions?

03:18 PM | 01-12-2021

Hello, I am asking this question on behalf of my father. My father is 67 years old, He doesn’t have any complain like BP, diabetes. But since 4 months he is getting white patches on his tongue on the edge and he is taking allopathy medicine but these patches keep coming again. Along with this, he experiences kind of pain below his chest and at naval area due to acidity. Also since 2-3 months he developed constipation too. I want to help my father and need your guidance on the same.

02:10 PM | 27-11-2021

Hi Everyone, I am 7 months pregnant, and I have a 2 and a half year old child as well. I have induced daibetes last month. Doctors have prescribed Insulin. Please give me suggestions so that I can reduce my glucose level to normal. Also, I am getting too much stressed and frustrated, unable handle my thoughts and emotions. Can you help me with valuable suggestions?

12:47 PM | 15-11-2021

How to cure dermatographia and spontaneous urticaria?

01:15 PM | 04-03-2021

Hello Sir/Ma’am, I am 23 years old guy. I have been suffering from social anxiety for quite a long time now. I feel that the sole reason behind this is my skin colour which is dark & it causes me lot of hesitation and consciousness to face and talk to people. The main thing which I also wanted to share is that when I in my childhood I had fair skin & with time I turned darker. Is there any natural proven remedy to help for the same or shall I try for laser treatment?

12:37 PM | 22-11-2021

My 25-year-old friend suffered from an epileptic stroke 2 years back, Since then she is on constant medication for which the doctor has advised lifelong. She used to get minor jerks during her menstrual cycles, but it was the first time she got an epileptic fit. After that, she never got it again. But sometimes the jerks do happen. Can she be fully cured? Please advise what is best for her. She has a 1-year-old kid too and she has developed the fear of an attack.

03:03 PM | 10-11-2021

Hi Team, My daughter is 2. 8 years old. She is not liking to eat rice. She is lean and hyperactive. Currently she is not taking milk and curd also. She always asking us to carry her. Please provide any suggestions. Her body gets heat while feeding wheat. Any alternative food ideas for replace rice

12:39 PM | 22-11-2021

Can Pityriasis versicolor be corrected with nature cure theory?

12:32 PM | 22-11-2021

I can see some traces of a few worms in urine, What can be done to cure this?

12:23 PM | 22-11-2021

My friends mom got her cataract eye operation done in both eyes. She often gets eye redness plus pain in both the eyes. She is taking proper medication from hospital. She also takes steriods for this reason in the form or eyes drops. Eye redishess and pain is often repeated , can you tell the causes and remedies and by when it will be resolved?

11:35 AM | 06-11-2021

I am a patient of SLE. I want to stay fit & strong. I feel fatigue, body pain,& weakness in body. Due to intake of high dosage of medicine, it is also affecting my skin due to which I am getting marks on my body. I am taking medicines from last so many years & would like to get rid of the same. Please suggest me some useful diet & treatment for SLE.

01:48 PM | 20-11-2021

How to replenish Vitamin B12 with raw vegan diet?

03:51 PM | 18-11-2021

I have severe piles problem due to which severe constipation is there. I take medicines for constipation and piles. I have become thin and night sleep is also an issue. Also, I face indigestion and lack of appetite. I am ready to follow a lifestyle as per nature cure, can you share long term solution for this problem?

05:40 PM | 11-11-2021

I am going through IVF. Age is 37. Have been diagnosed with low AMH and low vitamin d. Doctor says poor ovarian reserve. As per doc can’t conceive naturally as my right Fallopian tube is blocked after last miscarriage d&c three years back and since then couldn’t conceive naturally. I want to reverse this situation of low eggs and conceive. Can I benefit from any program?

12:35 PM | 25-10-2021

My daughter is 8 years old and she has been suffering from various allergies from past 6 years, eczema patches, sneezing, when sneezing stops then coughing. I have stopped her dairy, wheat, refined oil, still her allergies are there. She was already low on weight scale and after stopping the dairy her weight reduced further, she is so weak with no muscles, homeopathic allopathy ayurveda holistic, i have tried all of them. But she is not getting releived.

02:14 PM | 14-07-2021

I am 19 year old boy and how to cure the sinus tachycardia?

02:07 PM | 06-07-2021

I am 24 year old, my height is 5'10 but my weight according my height is very low ,what should I do?

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