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03:59 PM | 30-04-2024

Myself suffering from prostate cancer. Any Natural remedies

12:07 PM | 30-04-2024

Any cases of skin cancer recovery

06:17 PM | 23-04-2024

Hi, I am diagnosed with papillary carcinoma cancer with Hashimoto thyroid. My thyroid gland is completely removed and I am 23 years old. Do I be able to reverse it?

02:33 PM | 11-12-2021

Hi! My sister is suffering from cancer. Though her gall bladder is removed and chemo, radiation also given, but her condition has not improved. Any suggestions?

02:10 PM | 06-07-2021

4th stage stomach cancer kindly suggest treatments and diet.

04:33 PM | 07-06-2021

Hi, am a cancer patient. Am having nodes which I can feel from outside in abdomen as well as in rib. How to reduce that, if you can guide. Someone shared a video stating Dr. Sharma uses a technique using sunlight to reduce the same. Please help.

10:30 AM | 26-02-2021

Hello, I am 35 years old lady from Nepal. I had diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year and surgery of thyroid. Then, I got RAI and now I had to take thyronorm regularly. What can I do so that cancer will not return and what I need to change in my diet?

10:42 AM | 22-02-2021

I am a 49 year old woman suffering from primary peritoneal cancer ,stage 4, also having right lymph nodes that have tested metastatic carcinoma. I have completed 13 weeks of chemotherapy and have to go in for a surgery after which remaining 5 weeks of chemo will be done.. Can someone suggest the best nature treatment I can undergo and where is it available?

10:29 AM | 28-01-2021

I am suffering from cancer of the stomach. Is there a cure for it in naturopathy.

01:55 PM | 07-12-2020

What is a low protein diet for ovarian cancer?

10:03 AM | 25-11-2020

Hello. My father aged 62 is suffering from stage 4 stomach gastrointestinal cancer last stage. Can it be treatable naturally. Doctors have given 3 months time. Not able to take solid food. Any other treatment procedure any where rather then allopathy? Please suggest if any truth and effective plan.

09:55 AM | 06-10-2020

Kindly suggest me the diet for breast cancer patients which are on the journey of chemo and radiations.

09:47 AM | 18-08-2020

My mother has diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. Have heard a lot chemotherapy is very painful. Any substitute for chemotherapy, please let me know

12:19 PM | 14-03-2020

A very close family member is suffering from neoendocrine cancer. Chemotherapy is going on, but are they are any natural treatments which can be followed?

12:50 PM | 28-12-2018

Hi my mother has been recently detected with cancer. Does Nature cure work for that too?

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