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06:36 PM | 09-04-2024

Can you help me with my blood sugar to decrease?

02:31 PM | 09-04-2024

Hello , My mother is having Diabetes for the last more than 10 years , all others are normal with fasting 130-140 and pp 160 - 170. Can it be reversed

03:48 PM | 06-01-2022

I am diabetic, can you share some natural ways to get rid of it?

02:10 PM | 27-11-2021

Hi Everyone, I am 7 months pregnant, and I have a 2 and a half year old child as well. I have induced daibetes last month. Doctors have prescribed Insulin. Please give me suggestions so that I can reduce my glucose level to normal. Also, I am getting too much stressed and frustrated, unable handle my thoughts and emotions. Can you help me with valuable suggestions?

02:36 PM | 22-09-2021

My mother has been suffering with left knee joint pain problem. She has been morbidy obesity and also has thyroid problem, high blood pressure, sugar complaint also. She consulted many allopathic doctors but all are given pain killers, multivitamins, etc all makes her so weakness. How can cure this problem of my mother with wellcure

04:52 PM | 05-08-2021

A patient is aged 40, having diabeties for 3 years and complaint of persistent continuous diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pain and irregular periods (in a month 2 to 3 times). What can be next step??

11:42 AM | 16-08-2021

My brother is suffering from kidney stone problem and is diabetic too. Kindly provide diet tips.

02:25 PM | 01-07-2021

Is Diabetics a cure able disease?

04:27 PM | 07-06-2021

Does daily sugar test readings at home depend on diet consumed? What other factors are involved in sugar reading fluctuations?

04:18 PM | 30-04-2021

Hi! Is there a treatment for diabetics in Wellcure?

04:30 PM | 17-03-2021

I am cirrhotic and diabetic 55 years old. I am non alcoholic. I am under treatment from ILBS Delhi. How can I get a healthy life?

11:53 AM | 08-02-2021

I'm 40 year old i have diabetes since the age of 25 years I m on tablets and insulin i want to live healthy life, since last one year my sugar levels are not good some very high some very low i have lot of restrictions on food but I love eating pl help me out.

12:24 PM | 11-01-2021

02:22 PM | 18-01-2021

My Hb1c is 11. 9. What should I do to reduce this?

12:31 PM | 04-12-2020

Hi, I am 52 year old Male. Suffering with Diabetics from 26 years. From the last 4 years My sugar levels have raised too much. Even after using morning 34 units of huminsulin 30/70 insulin plus Glyccomet M1 and Teniva M in the afternoon and 28 units Huminsulin 30/70 insulin My sugar levels are not coming to normal stage. What should I do.

11:45 AM | 27-10-2020

I am 55 years old male. I am a diabetic for the past 15 years. I am not taking any medicine. I used to go exercise regularly i. E a walk for 30 minutes and do yoga. But now I am feeling numbness in my feet and burning sensation while urinating. Kindly advice.

12:22 PM | 19-10-2020

I am 48 years old suffering from diabetes since 10 years and suffered 2 heart attacks together 5 years back. Have 2 stents. Working professional. Try to work out as much as possible. I want to know what diet I can take so that I can control weight gain.

11:21 AM | 15-10-2020

Hey I'm Ahona. I'm a 14 year old girl. My current height is 5 feet 5 inches and my current weight is 80 kgs. Actually since three months I'm not having my periods. So I went to a gynecologist who gave some tests to do. In the test results I got high blood pressure, diabetes, enlarged liver and grade 2 fatty liver. So can you Please tell me the diet which I should go through and some exercises which will be helpful in losing my weight? Also please tell me that can these things be solver?

11:20 AM | 07-09-2020

I want to bring down my sugar levels through diet and exercise. Happy to exercise whatever control and discipline required for the purpose. Pl advise

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