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06:39 PM | 02-05-2024

Hi, my nose gets blocked in the night, so my breathing becomes improper. End up waking up in the middle of the night, what to do?

10:59 PM | 27-04-2024

I have very bad breath where ever i go, what to do?

09:08 PM | 18-04-2024

Hi Team, how to cure nasal turbinates or polyps naturally. I am using otrivin oxy 2 times a day for temporary relief. Doctor suggested surgery for this and deviated nose. Please help me on this. I am facing breathing issue every day. Only otrivin relieving me.

05:22 PM | 06-08-2019

Hi I'm 22 years old, i have been suffering from sinus since (i dont even remember) but one of my nasal passage is always blocked and post nasal drips are always occurring due to which my breath stinks. Whenever i blow my nose nothing comes out of it but inflammation stays and whenever i go for bath my nasal passage automatically opens. My spit is almost pure white in color whenever i spit out and the in the morning the cough is green but throughout the day it is transparent. Tried all med.

12:20 PM | 13-07-2020

Suffering from gastric, breathing problem and indigestion, Please help!

03:20 PM | 06-04-2020

Hello. Why do I have difficulty when I'm breathing every night before sleeping? What's the solution?

03:05 PM | 07-04-2020

I have difficulty while breathing. And have chest pain due to wrong yoga practice. I feel difficulty, particularly in deep breathing. What should I do?

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