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08:50 PM | 09-04-2024

Please tell me about medicine for a chest infection.

01:54 PM | 20-11-2020

I have chest pain and acidity problem. I have done blood testing, it is normal. Could you please suggest if any other testing is required?

07:24 PM | 31-07-2020

I have left side chest pain and back pain in left side ,echo normal,gastric tablets no use ,physiotherapy no use ,but i have pain continuously, Please, help!

11:16 AM | 30-07-2020

Pain at the left side of chest. What should I do, please help me?

05:25 PM | 28-07-2020

I feel difficulty in my chest and lungs area, I eat and drink natural foods for healing my body. It happened during my yoga practice, I held my breath for a long time or so, I was unhealthy that time. How can i use wellcure app for fully healing my body, please help!

12:01 PM | 02-07-2020

I am 35 yr old women. From past 3 months I am having slight discomfort in my left chest. Sometimes its like cramp & sometimes I have dull pain (but the pain is on & off). Due to pandemic situation I am unable to visit cardio dr. No thyriod, hemoglobin level normal. Pls suggest.

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