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11:26 AM | 18-05-2021

I am a CKD patient. I am undergoing dialysis. 1. Is there any chance to cure my both kidneys? 2. What can I do after transplantation to use lifelong new kidney?

12:41 PM | 07-05-2021

Hi! My father is suffering from chronic kidney disease. We are trying to give him proper nutritious food but his health condition is not improving and his haemoglobin level is low and he was good with other health issues few months back but now his health getting deteriorated. Please tell me what to do?

12:24 PM | 11-01-2021

01:36 PM | 21-05-2020

Type 1 diabetes and ckd stage 3 creatinine is 2 digestion problem emptying of bowel no energy no sleep please help with the treatment.

11:02 AM | 20-04-2020

I am 32 year male, suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease because of auto-immune disease. I have tried allopathy medicine but no relief. Now under treatment with ayurved medicine - I got little benefit not much. Plz guide how to cure with naturopathy?

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