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11:29 AM | 12-04-2024

Hi, I have fatty liver Conditon and scalp psoriasis only in my hair

11:55 AM | 10-04-2024

Hi All, I underwent a health check up recently and found out that I have Grade 1 Fatty Liver, low haemoglobin and pre- diabetic. Need help in understanding how I can reverse the three to normal level without medicines. I am overweight and have been trying to lose weight for quite sometime.

10:28 AM | 26-02-2021

How to cure fatty liver?

11:11 AM | 21-01-2021

My age 45 male: scanning report: Mild hepato splenomagaly noted with grade 1 fatty changes of liver. Subtle wall thickening (3-3. 5 mm) of descending and sigmoid colon noted with mild probe tenderness? Colitis. Pls suggest solution my problem

11:09 AM | 12-02-2021

Hi. How to cure endometriosis, cysts in ovaries and how to cure fatty liver. Plz suggest some remedies

11:40 AM | 03-12-2020

Please suggest me home remedies for fatty liver.

11:21 AM | 15-10-2020

Hey I'm Ahona. I'm a 14 year old girl. My current height is 5 feet 5 inches and my current weight is 80 kgs. Actually since three months I'm not having my periods. So I went to a gynecologist who gave some tests to do. In the test results I got high blood pressure, diabetes, enlarged liver and grade 2 fatty liver. So can you Please tell me the diet which I should go through and some exercises which will be helpful in losing my weight? Also please tell me that can these things be solver?

12:32 PM | 13-07-2020

I am suffering from Fatty liver and enlarged spleen (splenomegaly) from last two years. Please help me!

12:01 PM | 04-06-2020

Hi, My son is 15 years old. He has fatty liver. We r noticing that from the last 6 months , he has coin sized mucus in his poop. But this happens only once a month or twice. Is this worrisome or normal. No other symptom, else everything is normal. Please guide asap

01:03 PM | 14-05-2020

Hello to everyone , I am Manjeet Kaur working as a teacher. I m suffering from Psoriasis since 2001. I took alot of treatment in allopathy , homeopathy. But didn't cure. I have a fatty lever too. Pls guide me.

08:05 PM | 20-04-2020

I have got my Ultrasound done of whole abdomen & the results Or finding are as below *Grade 1 fatty liver *Cholelithiasis. Dr has given some medicines for six months and advised some exercises. I am in great worry. What should I do? Please tell me a remedy.

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