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11:19 AM | 17-01-2022

Hi, I have a gerd, my whole day time goes all good, but when I sleep at night, coughing starts & it’s very irritating,is there anything which can help? Cough syrups upsets my stomach, so please help?

06:01 PM | 13-04-2024

I get frequent Common COLD in summers probably because at times we move out of AC room to AC car and vice versa. Kindly suggest suitable remedies.

03:17 PM | 12-04-2024

How to handle flu-like seasonal detoxifications, that happen during the transition from one season to other or the abrupt weather changes, calmly?

03:17 PM | 18-08-2021

I am a 39 years old woman. I have 2 queries - how can I cure loose motions, cold and sore throat quickly. The second query - is there personalised paid guiadance available. I have tried to follow natural lifestyle last year but failed badly. I am looking to gain weight and get over my periods and constipation issues.

02:06 PM | 06-07-2021

Why do we have a running nose when we are in a air-conditioned room or once we leave and re-enter AC room. I catch frequent COLD during summer season especially due to this. Any remedy, please advise

02:49 PM | 23-10-2020

Hi, I am 50 years old lady, I am in menopause stage right now, and having thyroid too since last three four years, taking medicine thyroxin for the same, I am suffering from dry cough also since last 15 years, my all reports are negative for my dry cough, I was covid-19 positive in July, but now I am suffering from back pain and gaining weight suddenly, I am doing yoga daily , but still I feel weakness and drowsiness , and having sleeping disorders since last 20 years. Pls suggest something.

08:53 AM | 21-10-2020

Whenever I suffer from cold, after 3-4 days my head gets heavy and mild pain occurs between 10 am to 7 pm only and cough continuous to come out. What is my problem? Main thing is my head and eyes gets very heavy in afternoon,why is it so,can you help me?

11:00 AM | 05-05-2020

Hi! I am suffering from allergy in eyes, ear, nose and throat and skin. I also have cold and throat infection. Pls help!

11:30 AM | 26-12-2018

My 2. 5 year old son has very high fever associated with bad cold & congestion. The fever comes and goes. What should i do?

11:28 AM | 13-04-2020

I am 35 years old I have cold 365 days a year. I have tried many medicines also but it has not helped. Also, 2 months ago I have been diagnosed with thyroid. Pls guide how do I control on my cold, as many a time it’s worse!

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