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03:17 PM | 12-04-2024

How to handle flu-like seasonal detoxifications, that happen during the transition from one season to other or the abrupt weather changes, calmly?

05:59 PM | 09-04-2024

My throat becomes red and i get fever every 15-20days i visit the dr he gives me some medicines and tell its due to allergy but everytime same things happen due to which i am unable to do job also. What do i do?? He says if you go to AC and come to room temp den it will happen and many other reasons

12:35 PM | 25-10-2021

My daughter is 8 years old and she has been suffering from various allergies from past 6 years, eczema patches, sneezing, when sneezing stops then coughing. I have stopped her dairy, wheat, refined oil, still her allergies are there. She was already low on weight scale and after stopping the dairy her weight reduced further, she is so weak with no muscles, homeopathic allopathy ayurveda holistic, i have tried all of them. But she is not getting releived.

12:28 PM | 24-08-2020

I am facing allergy problems from past 3 months. Have to take allergy medicine in every 2 days. It itches a lot. Plz suggest some remedy.

10:35 AM | 28-10-2020

I am 34 yrs woman ,I am suffering my allergies, over weight ,asthama and sensitive skin, stress and anxiety. Please guide me

06:37 PM | 07-09-2020

Hi this is sweta. I am 37 yr old and I do have a problem of nose allergy. I start sneezing any time without any reason and my nose starts running with little irritation in my nose with watery eyes and headache. I have seen lot of doctors and they say it is an allergy. But what is the cause they dont know. Is there any home remedy or yoga to my cure

11:56 AM | 13-07-2020

I am suffering from allergy and post nasal drip from past 10 months I have taken English medicine for allergic cough. The cough has stopped but post nasal drip has not yet stopped. Its really very irritating. Please suggest best way to cure my problem.

11:55 AM | 11-05-2020

Hello All , my 4 yr old son is have morning allergy. He sneezes 5-6 times early morning daily , and has cold in early hours of the day and gets fine in the afternoon. Have done treatment homeopathic , allopathy but not helping. This is been from last 6 months. Pls suggest.

11:00 AM | 05-05-2020

Hi! I am suffering from allergy in eyes, ear, nose and throat and skin. I also have cold and throat infection. Pls help!

11:49 AM | 06-05-2020

Nasal septum bone tedi hai to kya mujhe isko theek karne ke liye operation karvane ki jarurat hai? Kyunki main allergy se suffer kar rahi hun - cold, running nose, throat infection hona bar bar, to iske liye mujhe kya karna chahie? Please help!

04:54 PM | 21-04-2020

I had an allergy/sinusitis episode some time back which has led to the Eustachian tube dysfunction for 2-3 months. My ears feel tight and I also hear a low hissing sound (mostly at nights). There is no pain but I get headaches every few days. Please suggest a natural cure.

05:39 PM | 31-03-2020

I am having allergic cough now, the throat irritation is also there. Mostly in winter season i used to have such difficulty but this time still it is persistent, though i do salt gargling , steam inhaler avoided all cold items like curd ice cream etc. Can anybody help me.?

10:40 AM | 27-02-2019

Hi! Ever since I got back home last night from work I have been sneezing and my nose and eyes are watery. I don't have temperature but it feels like that. Have taken an off from work today. Can anyone suggest how to deal with this!

09:40 AM | 19-12-2018

My son is 2. 5 years old and is having eye allergy last 20 days. Have been administering eye drops but still allergy isn’t going without the drops. Any alternate suggestions please?

04:52 PM | 28-08-2018

My mom is allergic to dust. Her nose starts running and head becomes heavy with dust. She takes cetrizine. Any suggestion for natural relief?

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