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05:23 PM | 20-01-2019

Is Soy milk acidic or alkaline? What impact it has on the body?

05:31 PM | 20-01-2019

Oats are supposed to be healthy, are they acidic or alkaline and what impact it has on my body?

07:20 PM | 08-08-2019

Hey! A month ago I met with a road accident, and got injured pretty badly, my face got scars of that accident and got hurt on my chin as well, but even after one month my chin has become too hard like a stone but it doesn't pain much. And I think it has shifted a little from its place " jst a little" but it isn't paining though. I USE flamer ( pain reliever tube ). What else do you guys suggest I should be doing? I would love to hear some really good advice, thanks!

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