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11:33 PM | 20-01-2022

Natural cure for plantar fascitiis?

11:29 AM | 07-12-2021

What is the natural cure for Lipoma?

01:33 PM | 20-12-2021

Hi. I had heart valve replacement surgery post my dleivery. I have mechanical valve inside my body. I have to take Anticoagulant -Acitrom 5mg throughout my life. I have to keep my diet low in vit k. I am not allowed to eat many veggies due to k content. Can I still follow Nature Cure?.

10:49 AM | 19-04-2021

I have multiple issues in my body as and am fed up with allopathic and want to try nature cure, please guide.

10:59 AM | 23-11-2020

Hello, I have read many Acharya S. Swaminathan’s books. Followed few natural ways like sunbathing, air bath, wet pack, spinal bath, non violent enema, but did NOT follow the diet part. Hence, doing enema for continuous 7 days, I developed inflammation in the anal area and now it’s turned to a hemorrhoid, I have done fasting for 3 days on liquid diet only and one day on Fruits and it’s juices, also did wet pack but nothing is working, please suggest?

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