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03:50 PM | 03-03-2022

Hi, I am suffering from vertigo and dizziness since 2018. I have C1-C2 cervical disc atlantoaxial instability which was caused by neck injury in the past. I have consulted many doctors but nothing is working. Excercise of neck make it worse. Doctor is suggesting some surgery. Please suggest any treatment.

04:22 PM | 30-04-2021

I have problem in opening and closing of my mouth and have several neck spasms from last 3 years which is resulting in severe dizziness and vertigo. Is this caused by tetanus?

10:57 AM | 09-12-2020

I have vertigo problem. Pls suggest natural solution

08:49 AM | 05-10-2020

What is the solution for vertigo?

10:46 AM | 09-10-2020

I am suffering from vertigo and cervical spondolysis. I have taken vertin for 3 months and still have lot of dizziness. Pls suggest a natural remedy for dizziness.

12:22 PM | 27-07-2020

I am a chronic patient of Vertigo since 15 years. Since 3 weeks i am down with giddinesss and 5 times of vomitting due to vertigo. Doctor advised me Vertin 8 and STEMETIL MD in case of giddiness and feeling of nausea. Due to this i cant go to office with fear of loosing balance while travelling. I have got slight neck pain too due to cervical spondylitis. How. Many days this will continue and whether i should use neck belt? Pl advise.

08:05 PM | 29-04-2020

I am suffering from vertigo from 6 days and severe dizziness, please help!

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