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07:22 PM | 02-05-2024

Any tips and home remedies for coronavirus? My father is having mild fever so how to prevent it?

03:17 PM | 12-04-2024

How to handle flu-like seasonal detoxifications, that happen during the transition from one season to other or the abrupt weather changes, calmly?

05:59 PM | 09-04-2024

My throat becomes red and i get fever every 15-20days i visit the dr he gives me some medicines and tell its due to allergy but everytime same things happen due to which i am unable to do job also. What do i do?? He says if you go to AC and come to room temp den it will happen and many other reasons

09:05 PM | 11-08-2021

I am 26 years old. Three months ago, I had fever I took general medicine the fever got normal and suddenly I felt headache and back pain. With headache I feel tightness in the whole body and head. I consulted with five doctors and took different medicines for past one and half month but my health issue was the same I took chest x ray, spinal x ray, blood test were normal. Any solution for this?

10:49 AM | 02-12-2020

Every two months I have a fever and my neck pains. Doctor gives me paracetamol and penmed. With the medicines I get well. Again after 2 months it happens? What is it due to? Is it due to thyroid? Have I got thyroid? Or tonsil or any severe problem? My throat becomes red in fever and I feel irritation in my throat. Pls suggest

10:14 PM | 29-06-2020

Hello, All Of sudden why does one gets chills but no fever?

08:54 PM | 24-02-2019

For diabetic patients or borderline diabetic patients, why do sugar levels shoot up during times of infection or fever? How can this be explained with natural healing principles? Want to explain this in a simple way to a friend who is experiencing this presently.

02:08 PM | 21-12-2018

My 6 year old has fever and cough for some days. What should I do?

10:50 AM | 07-01-2019

My domestic help had fever n joint pains. Fever has come down in 3 days with medicines. But pain in wrists, fingers n knees is bad. Doc has suggested painkiller n multi vitamin. Any suggestions pls. Tx

11:05 AM | 07-01-2019

Hi My Husband Has High Fever 102 Plushe Also Had Bad Stomach Last Night. Fever Seems Sudden, Isresting Now. What To Do? How To Keep Him Hydrated?

06:34 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi guys! I am down with fever. Gradually going up n going to touch 102. Pain in the throat n body. Any suggestion?

10:23 AM | 24-12-2018

Hi,can someone suggest is there any way by which we can stop viral fever to spreading? I got it last week,then my husband n now my 11 yrs old daughter. I am still not feeling perfect. Now I am scared for my 4yr old one. We have been taking regular haldi adrak lemon shots.

10:35 AM | 04-01-2019

My daughter has 102 fever, headache, watery eyes. What should be the line of action.. Give her nariyal paani, let her rest??

11:30 AM | 26-12-2018

My 2. 5 year old son has very high fever associated with bad cold & congestion. The fever comes and goes. What should i do?

06:33 PM | 28-08-2018

My friend has been diagnosed with dengue. What should i tell her?

09:54 PM | 28-08-2019

My 7 year old daughter has been having high viral fever a day after recovering from food poisoning induced diarrhoea and vomiting. Till now we have been giving her Coconut Water, fruits a few times, Khichdi, Idli etc. It is the 2nd day and her temperature soars up to 103. 5 too. I have done wet cloth therapy (keeping it on her stomach) for sometime. I understand and believe the fever is not a sign of illness and is a good defence mechanism but can I do anything else to reduce the infection?

09:55 AM | 09-05-2019

My 4 YEAR old is having fever reaching 101 to 102 degrees since last night. When we couldn't manage it at night, I ended up giving him crocin syrup. But since then I am feeling really bad about it and don't want to give him any medicine now. I m more worried about when temperature starts to soar. Can you please help me know how I should care for my child when down with high fever?

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