11:30 AM | 26-12-2018

My 2. 5 year old son has very high fever associated with bad cold & congestion. The fever comes and goes. What should i do?

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6 Answers

11:33 AM | 26-12-2018

I have tried keeping grain, milk and non veg low during bad coughs for my child and it really fastens his recovery. Don’t fear fever. I read this article and found it very helpful, you may also want to read - please follow the the link below to understand it better. It will reassure you!


11:31 AM | 26-12-2018

Have full faith. Don’t worry about the fever coming and going, and don’t focus on reducing the fever through external means of medications and cold patti.  Do only if your child is very uncomfortable. Infact the fever coming and going indicates the body continues to fight infection. In high body temperatures, the body kills the germs just as we do so with boiling water.  So in a way it is body’s internal intelligence. 

When he has fever, he is most likely to be limp, lazy, wanting to rest and not eat.  Allow your child to so. Don’t force feed. When the fever is gone, they will act normal.  During this period also keep his fruits very high. Instead of heavy digesting cooked foods, keep it light such as soups, steamed veggies, aloo and channa tikkis with some grated raw veggies to keep the raw balance.

11:30 AM | 26-12-2018

For congestion nothing works better than steam.  Be careful with the hot water, invest in a small steam machine (you can find it in medical shops). With my son, eucalyptus oil drops on cotton around his pillows help him sleep better. Also, I have full faith in the body’s fever mechanism.  As parents, we often worry that how can we keep the child only on fruits and not feed him something.  But I have seen a faster recovery when I keep my child away from grains, parantha, milk, and non veg during fevers.  Infact if he has an appetite I do sama rice khichdi only and give it with grated kheera / gajar to keep his raw up. Mostly mornings and evening snacks are a very high dose of fruits to help his body do ample cleaning.


11:29 AM | 26-12-2018

The congestion may take some time to go. During this period the fever may go away, as body’s function of fighting with germs is over. For congestion 3-4 times haldi+lemon+ginger juice concoction really helped my son. I also do warm mustard oil massage on the chest and nose and head every night to help him sleep better.  Also, I increase his sleep time and nap time in afternoons as I know only in sleep will the body repair better. Gadget times are reduced, so no ipads during this time!


11:27 AM | 26-12-2018

Just to reiterate, all symptoms of the body are, indicators to us that the body’s acid-alkaline balance is skewed. Cough, cold, fever are body’s wonderful mechanisms to discharge and reduce this acidic overload. The body creates fever as a mechanism to purify blood of the infection, so don’t fear it. During this time you should ensure you are able to support your child. This you can do by ensuring you allow your child to rest amply and increase his intake of raw foods. Make sure you are able to give complete rest to the digestive system through no cooked food. 

Upping the babies fruits will help during this time. Fruits are the best way to keep the raw high, kids usually fuss also less when eating fruits. You could do them in interesting smoothies and homemade fruit juices.

Feed him only when hungry, don’t’ force feed. Give him fruits every 2-3 hours.

You can give him some lemon ginger honey haldi with tulsi.

This can also be done when he has a cough - put a warm potli with ajwain in it to his chest or rubbing a little ginger juice with oil on the chest and back also helps. Add eucalyptus oil into his bath.

Do follow this link for more info -- https://www.kckidsdoc.com/kc-kids-doc/5-fabulous-fever-facts-fighting-fever-fobia-part-12




11:25 AM | 26-12-2018

Put him in the bed, feed him only fruits and vegetables juices today. No solid or cooked food.

You could give him all fruit juices and vegetable juices - carrots, cucumber, coriander, spinach, capsicum. If your child does take vegetable juice you could do Carrots + amala + pudina in winters or Lauki + kheera + lemon in summers.  

 Take two tablespoon of honey, crush 10-12 black pepper, half inch ginger juice. Mix all and keep it at his bedside. Every two hours give him this about half teaspoon.

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