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05:04 PM | 15-04-2024

Hi my husband having stomach burning sensation even he had little amount of chilli powder or any kind of chilli.

12:57 PM | 12-04-2024

I want to recover from my ulcers ,Gerd and hiatus hernia

11:50 AM | 16-08-2021

Hi! I am Bhanu Prakash and I am suffering from stomach ulcers. So, I want to heal naturally - is there any food diet for this?

12:50 PM | 25-01-2021

How can I heal heartburn and ulcers naturally?

10:05 AM | 22-07-2020

My mom age is 55. From 3-5 days she is having ulcers in her mouth and because of that there is also a toothache. She tried everything eating honey, different medicine but for few mins she feels fine after that it again starts to pain. What should I do?

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