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10:23 AM | 05-04-2021

I am 59 years old I suffering from sleepleness for 15 years, no proper sleep. Pls advise

12:57 PM | 22-03-2021

I have OCD. I am using some ayurvedic medicine for that but at night my mind become hyperactive(excessive thought) that I am not able to sleep. As medicine I am using one ashwagandha capsule, almond oil drop in nose. Doing alunom vilom. But no improvement. Due to excessive problem I had to take one allopathy (lonazep md. 25) to cool my nervous system so that I can sleep. But can't take it daily. Please tell me if there any proper ayurvedic medicine available in market. Do I need EEG test?

02:31 PM | 08-01-2021

Thanks for this opportunity. My issue is regarding insomnia. I am not getting proper deep sleep from quite a long time now. This is causing many problems in my life. I have also lost 7 to 8 kgs which my doctor says is due to lack of sleep. Kindly guide me on this issue. Thanks. Mahesh Daswani

09:30 AM | 27-07-2020

Sir I am in pitta Dosha since two months I have lost five kg weight since two months inform what to eat or not to eat inform permanent cure naturally or medically also I am having gastric problem and insomnia.

11:00 AM | 06-07-2020

Tell treatment for insomnia please.

12:11 PM | 11-05-2020

I am having constipation and insomnia problem. If the two are fine I don't get depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, insomnia problem. Pls tell me if you have any permanent cure?

12:23 PM | 29-06-2020

Hii, I'm suffering from overthinking and insomnia please give me answer how I stop it??

10:55 AM | 07-05-2020

Can you suggest cure for insomnia?

10:13 PM | 15-04-2020

I am 53 yr old, because of insomnia I have dark circles under my eyes and hair fall problem. What to do?

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