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03:29 PM | 10-04-2024

I am feeling some vibration in my face nerves. Feeling lack of concentration in daily activities. Feeling low energy and confidence. Lack of memory. Please guide me. I am struggling to live my daily life.

05:39 PM | 18-08-2020

Hello Sir/Ma’am,I am 22 yrs old male and I have been experiencing a lot of laziness. Like even though I take good amount (8-9 hrs) of sleep still I feel too sleepy and lazy. Also in morning when i set alarm to wake up after 8 hrs. I’m just not able to wake up at all and again sleep after turning it off. Is there any solution as to how can I avoid this laziness and be active?

08:16 PM | 12-08-2020

My brother is 30 yr old he Feels lazy the whole day Burping problem since long. If he drinks only water he burps after that too. Sometimes he eats too much food sometimes too less like a kid. He looks weak but his weight is normal. He has habit of smoking whenever he gets stressed. His eye color is littel yellowish. Does that have any connection with liver? He has quit milk, tea but indirectly he takes milk unhealthy way via ice cream etc Kindly give advise

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