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10:51 AM | 19-07-2021

How to cope up with high blood pressure?

09:15 PM | 31-07-2021

I got my BP checked which is 150/96, I want natural remedy get it down. Please suggest

01:16 PM | 24-02-2021

My Blood pressure is 140/82. How can I reduce the Blood pressure, not taking any medication.

11:02 AM | 28-07-2020

How can I control my blood pressure? I don’t want to be part of English medicine as I heard about it ,once you start medicine for your B. P you have to have continue it. Is is true? Please do precious comment below. I would be very happy to know about your suggestion

11:25 AM | 03-04-2019

My husband (age 36 years) has a tendency of high BP. He has been getting frequent headaches and his bp is 140/93 average. We do not want to start with medications, trying to control his diet. What all measures can we take to help him?

11:06 AM | 18-12-2018

Is low-sodium diet good to manage high BP?

09:04 AM | 25-12-2018

Hi I have low BP for last few weeks. Feeling tired and dizzy at times. What can one do?

11:17 AM | 14-04-2020

How to control blood pressure?

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