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03:49 PM | 15-04-2024

Suffering from Cervical Spondylitis pls suggest natural ways to get rid of this

10:46 AM | 09-10-2020

I am suffering from vertigo and cervical spondolysis. I have taken vertin for 3 months and still have lot of dizziness. Pls suggest a natural remedy for dizziness.

03:12 PM | 01-07-2020

Hello all, What can we do best in cervical. Mother in law is having severe pain of cervical. Chakkr bhi aate hain. Thoda bhi heavy nahi utha pate. Utha liya to chakkr ane lag jate hai.

12:34 PM | 14-12-2018

01:15 PM | 28-12-2018

Hi I have bad cervical spondylitis which is only aggravating over the years. I have tried Yoga and Acupressure, but they allow temp relief. What must I do to heal this naturally?

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