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02:32 PM | 18-01-2021

Hello Sir/Madam, I’ve been suffering from fungal infection since 2 months now. Whenever I apply fourderm cream it get relieved for few days, but then again the problem persists. Kindly suggest me some appropriate remedy.

11:40 AM | 01-09-2020

Hello all! I have a bad fungal on my scalp due to which I lost my hair, I also get lot of itching on my head and there is also kind of burning sensation in my chest whenever I eat fried food from outside and also itches badly. I want to gain back my hair I lost it badly and also cure fungal issue?? Please guide

05:33 PM | 23-09-2020

10:28 AM | 21-09-2020

Hello! I Have fungal infection in all the fingers since last six month. I am applying Clotrin lotion at night but doesn't seem to cure. Pl advise remedy.

10:46 AM | 04-05-2020

Hello! My daughter 25 yrs old is having toe nail fungus problem with pus and swelling on toes. Please advise. Thanks!

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