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06:56 PM | 08-09-2020

Respected Mam,I am suffering from sleep disorder problem since last two year,I am using allopathy medicine for better sleep. Can I heal in through Wellcure naturopathy and be able to leave the allopathy medicine? With Regards-Rajesh

09:40 AM | 11-08-2020

Hi, I am suffering from severe sleep disorder. I can’t sleep even for an hour. I was alcoholic for last 15 years and I went de addiction treatment last year, I stopped drinking alcohol, for 8 months now. I was prescribed sleeping pills, I took daily for about 3 months. It started showing side effects like feeling weak,shivering, sleepy in day time and I could not lift and hold my hands for a minute for brushing and combing hair etc. I have stopped sleeping pills from last 3 months. Pls help!

12:21 PM | 29-06-2020

I am having sleep problem, not getting sleep. Please suggest some remedy.

12:08 PM | 02-04-2020

Neend hi nahi aati na din me na raat me. Rat me 3 bje ya 4 bje neend aati hai me bhot pareshan hogyi hu Or meri immunity bhi bhot down hai. Plz kuch salah dijiye

05:38 PM | 31-03-2020

How to get deep sleep?

01:41 PM | 02-01-2020

Has anyone gone through Home Sleep Apnea Test? How does this help?

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