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05:04 PM | 15-04-2024

Hi my husband having stomach burning sensation even he had little amount of chilli powder or any kind of chilli.

04:40 PM | 13-12-2021

Hi, my husband has a stomach burning sensation issue. He consumes very less spices & even eats plain curd rice & he feels that food is digested quickly but still he feels his stomach itching & burning. He usually avoids all kinds of oily deep-fried food with heavy spices. Even without spices, he feels a burning sensation in his stomach. He can’t eat outside food. Please, let us know what is the reason behind his burning sensation in his stomach & what can be done for the same?

03:18 PM | 01-12-2021

Hello, I am asking this question on behalf of my father. My father is 67 years old, He doesn’t have any complain like BP, diabetes. But since 4 months he is getting white patches on his tongue on the edge and he is taking allopathy medicine but these patches keep coming again. Along with this, he experiences kind of pain below his chest and at naval area due to acidity. Also since 2-3 months he developed constipation too. I want to help my father and need your guidance on the same.

02:08 PM | 27-11-2021

I am facing serious acidity and gastric problem, I feel like vomiting most of the time. Can you please help me with the right solutions?

11:35 AM | 12-10-2021

Good evening,I am 38 years old, from few days I am having burning in esophagus and not feeling hungry, pls guide!

03:56 PM | 11-11-2021

Hi my wife is 35 years old is having acidity and gastritis. Whenever she eats spicy food she feels burning sensation in her upper stomach. Allopathy doctor prescribed her some anastetic antacid syrups , how to treat this holistically and naturally with foods?

06:46 PM | 30-10-2021

I am 29 years old male. I had panic attacks for 6 months and was under psychiatric medication. Now I am only on propranolol beta blocker 10mg. I experience bloating/acidity everyday which triggers my heart rate and inturn increase health anxiety and i get relief only after gas goes completely. Please suggest diet considering I have kidneystone/sinusitis. Some days I also get insomnia due to bloating on upper abdomen. Heart pounding is the main symptom which increases my anxiety. Please Help.

02:58 PM | 26-10-2021

I am 30 years old & post 3 years my delivery, I am suffering from gastric problem and back bone pain problem. When gastric reflux starts, I face breathing and skin rash related problems. Is there any way to treat this issue?

05:55 PM | 12-07-2021

Hi iwant to loose weight and facing problem of acidity, gas and constipation and irregular periods. Pls suggest

02:19 PM | 14-07-2021

How to cure acidity naturally?

10:25 AM | 26-02-2021

Hi, I’m suffering from acidity and severe migraine for over 20 years. Can anyone guide with natural remedies to help me. It’s getting worse with age.

01:10 PM | 17-02-2021

I am suffering acidity problems since last few months. Please suggest how to get rid of it.

01:20 PM | 07-12-2020

I suffer from gas and acidity. Whenever I have this problem my mouth feels sore and small bumps appear on the inside of the lower lip. I feel as though my tongue has become thick. A lot of discomfort in the mouth. Pls help

01:54 PM | 20-11-2020

I have chest pain and acidity problem. I have done blood testing, it is normal. Could you please suggest if any other testing is required?

12:24 PM | 19-10-2020

Person having acidity problem how he can observe fasting? Please answer.

10:03 AM | 20-08-2020

I have been feeling acidity most of the time. I'm 78 kg at the age of 47. To loose weight and avoiding acidity can I skip breakfast? My BMI is 26.

10:19 AM | 02-08-2019

I am 55 yr old. I have acute acidity problem. Please suggest home remedies

09:33 AM | 04-08-2020

How to cure Hyperacidity

11:59 AM | 02-07-2020

Hello! I am Dhandapani from Bangalore. I had MI 4 years back and one stent was planted. I suffered from anxiety disorder too. I am taking 4 tablets daily, due to this I am suffering from acidity and heart burning. I am on homeopathy medicine also but not much relief so any one of you please suggest good permanent cure.

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