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01:19 PM | 24-02-2021

I have experiencing itching sensation on my skin above my ankles. Is there any particular reason to it. There is no bite ,redness but the itch is really bad.

11:05 AM | 12-02-2021

Hi, I am 36 years old, having too much of itching problem in between thighs and on butt... It's increasing day by day. My color is white only but where I have a itching problem there skin color got too much black. Now I'm using candid cream and ointment even though it could not reduce. Plz suggest me what to do?

12:01 PM | 28-09-2020

Have terrible pain in the right ear. Also Itching in the inside in both the ears. Pl advise what to do on urgent basis. Thank you.

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