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04:31 PM | 07-06-2021

Hello, I had covid 2 mnths back. During this time I suffered from insomnia, hypertension, weakness, nose block issues, I had mild infection, severity was 0, low hemoglobin. Now again did full body check up, my hemoglobin is 9. 7 and sugar is on boundry line like fasting is 105, hba1c is 5. 77. I dont want to take any medicine for this if possible. Before this I never had sugar but yes hemoglobin was always low. Plz suggest what to eat, how much to eat, & what exercise to do?

12:56 PM | 07-05-2021

My haemoglobin 10. 5. I feel drowsy all the time. Please provide me the diet chart and also tell me is my drowsiness can happen because of low hemoglobin?

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