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05:35 PM | 18-10-2021

Hello! I'm 52 year old male. HPV related squamous cell in throat. Diagnosed a year ago, and tried holistic. (Cannabis oil, turmeric, moranga, other vitamins and supplements) Would rather stay away from conventional treatments.... Looking for help.

10:49 AM | 02-12-2020

Every two months I have a fever and my neck pains. Doctor gives me paracetamol and penmed. With the medicines I get well. Again after 2 months it happens? What is it due to? Is it due to thyroid? Have I got thyroid? Or tonsil or any severe problem? My throat becomes red in fever and I feel irritation in my throat. Pls suggest

10:59 AM | 17-08-2020

Hello everyone, I am 24. The problem is as I get up in morning my throat feels heavy and dry. Though I drink lot of water at night and I sleep. It gets very dry and I feel like all the cough gets accumulated there, is it so? What should I do? Plz suggest!

12:33 PM | 14-05-2020

While eating food sometimes the food gets stuck in my throat Please advice.

01:00 PM | 08-05-2020

Hello, Kafi der se kam se kam 1 month se bahut zyda time se sukhi khansi thi, Cough syrup and medicine se wo to theek ho gayi but abhi kano me khujli and gale me kuch atka sa lagta hai naak me se kuch gale me strain hota hai. Gale me kabhi kabhi khichav bhi rehta hai, please help!

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