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05:22 PM | 06-08-2019

Hi I'm 22 years old, i have been suffering from sinus since (i dont even remember) but one of my nasal passage is always blocked and post nasal drips are always occurring due to which my breath stinks. Whenever i blow my nose nothing comes out of it but inflammation stays and whenever i go for bath my nasal passage automatically opens. My spit is almost pure white in color whenever i spit out and the in the morning the cough is green but throughout the day it is transparent. Tried all med.

10:14 AM | 25-09-2020

Not able to sleep properly because of nose blockage. When I lie down during night hours nose gets blocked due to generation & deposition of mucous. No sneezing, or no running nose. Post nasal drip occurs. Facing this problem since long time. Sinuses are affected. Can anybody suggest possible remedies / cures?

06:01 PM | 23-11-2019

In winter when I am suffering from cold then my nose choke completely,i cant breath nose is choked completely, i cant sleep properly , then i have to breath from mouth. What is the cure for this?

01:35 PM | 06-05-2019

Nose blocked. Forehead congested. Legs hurt. Can someone suggest a remedy?

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