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02:41 PM | 25-03-2021

Can anyone suggest me about inch loss programme?

07:07 PM | 08-08-2019

Hi , Please suggest me as I have been detected recently with PCOD. How to reduce PCOD and weight as I have increased 10 kgs of weight in most few months despite of going for gym and yoga from 5 months?

04:32 PM | 17-03-2021

Hello! I am Taran, 39 years old. Want to reduce fat from thighs and waist with effective diet plan & exercise, as I put on weight after delivery. Pls suggest.

02:47 PM | 15-01-2021

Hi, I want to know about pcos problem. Is pcos cureable? How to reduce weight with pcos.

12:00 PM | 18-08-2020

I am 21 year old I am having pcod and I have become thin, is this because of pcod, how to gain weight and what should I do?

10:52 AM | 02-12-2020

Hey! I have pcod and irregular period, from last 3 years. Plz suggest which oil is best for cooking Indian recipes? Coconut oil? Olive oil? Sesame oil? I have heard that these oils are healthy but on heating on a very high temperature they become toxic plz suggest which oil should I use for Indian recipes? Also its very hard for me to loose weight after walking and workouts also + skin problems (facial hair,acne,oily skin,dark spots,pigmentation) hair issue (hairfall). Pls guide

10:53 AM | 02-12-2020

Want to lose fat? Pls suggest

09:49 AM | 30-11-2020

Hello, I am 22 years old. From past 6-7 months I started following healthy diet and regular workout. I am also doing pranayam in morning. I have achieved fat loss from my entire body. But I am not able to lose belly fat. I have read every article and everyone states to eat healthy and workout, not to stress.. Sleep well. I believe that I am doing everything fine. But still not seeing any difference my mid section looks bigger than my entire body. What is going wrong please help.

10:33 AM | 01-12-2020

Sir, I am 47 year and want to loose weight, my present weight is 76 kg, please suggest veg diet plan

10:32 AM | 01-12-2020

My name is Sunil Kumar. My age is 31 years and my height is 6. 1 inches. My weight is 83 kg. I want to lose my belly fat. Please help me.

11:43 AM | 24-11-2020

How do I reduce my belly fat?

10:52 AM | 23-11-2020

I'm 45 yrs, my weight is 76 kg. Daily I exercise and walking is regular but my weight is not reducing. Pls suggest

01:56 PM | 20-11-2020

Hello, I am Madhulika age 50 years, current weight is 69 kg, hypothyroid and pre-diabetic patients , suffering from severe knee and lower back pain also. I want to reduce at least 12 kg weight. I am working women. So please suggest me easy to follow diet plan for curing above mentioned disease.

10:57 AM | 23-11-2020

Hi, I am 28 yrs old and a have daughter who is going to be 3 yrs old. I want to lose weight as my weight is 65 kg but want my weight to be 55 kg. Please help me with the home remedy.

11:41 AM | 19-11-2020

Hi! I'm 43 yrs old, having thyroid problem since 17 years. My weight is 71, height is 5. 4. How can I reduce my weight?

10:05 AM | 20-08-2020

I have post pregnancy weight which I want to loose.... I'm 84 kgs.... Kindly help!

01:16 PM | 02-11-2020

I'm 52. My weight was 61 but in last 2 months it become 63. I try hard but even after constant diet n work out its the same. It is said due to menopause its difficult to lose weight. What do I do to loose weight?

09:24 AM | 13-10-2020

I am 52 year old female. I have diabetes with 6. 7 HbA1c. I am 152cms and 79kg. I want to reduce my weight. I do surya namaskar and a few core exercises. Please suggest me how to reduce my weight.

10:35 AM | 28-10-2020

I am 34 yrs woman ,I am suffering my allergies, over weight ,asthama and sensitive skin, stress and anxiety. Please guide me

10:37 AM | 28-10-2020

Try very hard to lose weight but unable to lose especially facing difficulty in losing visceral fat. Pls suggest.

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