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01:47 PM | 19-04-2024

Dear Sir, I am suffering from high BP and taking BP medicine from last 17 years. Will you kindly suggest me how to get relief from these medicines which I am taking from last 17 years. Please advise me what to do.

07:27 PM | 24-04-2024

I am suffering from high BP and taking BP medicine from last 17 years. Will you kindly suggest me how to get relief from these medicines which I am taking from last 17years. Please advise me what to do.

12:44 PM | 12-04-2024

Suffering frm RA , thyroid , high BP , dark patches on legs , don't know the reason whole body paining, feeling low energy full day tired

04:51 PM | 13-09-2022

Serum creatinine is 2, known hypertensive secondary to kidney disease, what are the treatment options? Borderline diabetic

11:08 AM | 04-05-2020

03:59 PM | 17-05-2021

How to control bp naturally?

01:03 PM | 12-03-2021

My name is Francis and my age is 54/male. Earlier I had hypertension of maximum 172/100 bp. About a month I regularly medicated with bp medicine. Now, from last few days I have bp reading like 127/82, 124/80, 119/78, 115/80 and now finally latest reading showing 109/75. Is it okay to continue taking bp medicine or to stop taking bp medicine? Please advice me as I am very anxious to know what to do if the bp reading shows like this? -Thank you!

10:40 AM | 16-11-2020

I am aged 39 years. A hypertension patient from last one year. I am on medication. Now my BP is under control, 80/120. But there is 24/7 continuous sensation in hands and shivering of hands from last two to three months. What kind of symptoms are these. How can I overcome this problem?

10:04 AM | 14-10-2020

I am a 48 year old woman on hypertension medication for the last 16 years. Had borderline diabetes till last year but now due to stress at work and a sedentary lifestyle my sugar levels have shot up. Fasting sugar is 178 and PP is 347. HBa1c is 11. 9. One doctor wanted to put me up on insulin today and I fled from him. Consulted another diabetologist and have promised him that I would do my best to turn things around. Can you help?

10:13 AM | 31-08-2020

Hello everyone, I am suffering form high bp and thyroid. Any home remedies?

11:09 AM | 24-08-2020

हाई ब्लड प्रेशर और कोलेस्ट्रॉल को कम कैसे करें?

07:37 PM | 16-04-2020

Hi, I am 38 years old male I had been diagnosed with hypertension in June 2019. Feeling sensation throughout the body specially tingling and trembling in both hands. My weight is 80 kg and height is 175 cm. I am taking medications from last 10 months. What are the things that I can do to control my blood pressure ,tingling and trembling of hands naturally? So that I can get off the medications. Also, would love some weight loss tips too.

08:04 PM | 10-04-2020

I am 34 year old male. I have been diagnosed with hypertension, though I don’t have any pathological reason, does it have any natural cure?

05:13 PM | 03-04-2020

How To prevent Hypertension?

04:47 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi everyone. I have high BP. Can i reverse it naturally? What changes should i make in lifestyle?

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