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03:12 PM | 04-05-2024

Does the therapy has cure of Multiple Sclerosis?

06:37 PM | 23-04-2024

Medicine for knee pain?

03:45 PM | 13-04-2024

How to cure multiple sclerosis?

12:56 PM | 12-04-2024

Hello, I am suffering from large intestine ulcers and swelling issue , and having pain in abdomen, taking medicine from dr but no relief how can diet help me in this issue pls suggest

05:09 PM | 13-09-2021

My husband had gall bladder operation done. He feels pain in lower right abdomen. He also gets anxiety sometimes. Pls suggest what to do?

05:35 PM | 06-09-2021

Jab so kar uthte hai tab jamin per chalne me, aidyon ke talbe me dard hota hai. Kya thik ho sakta hai?

11:47 AM | 16-08-2021

My mother had pain in her right dorsal side for a long time. The pain is more chronic after cesarean. Her back bone pains a lot, the point where injection was injected. She can't sleep it pains so much, she has to sit the whole night. Its been two years and all test results are negative. Doctors can't diagnose her problem. Its quite painful. I am posting here as a hope. Kindly help us.

12:19 PM | 11-01-2021

Hi, I am 49 years old. Since two weeks I am feeling light pain in left arm muscles, specially while resting. Please suggest me what to do as I am avoiding pain killer.

11:01 AM | 09-12-2020

Lot of PAIN in LIMBS. How to recover?

02:27 PM | 26-11-2020

I am having pain on my left side of breast sometimes in the middle of chest. Left side whole back and left leg. Its is because of muscle strain? Or should i go for MRI?

12:25 PM | 19-10-2020

Kindly suggest some natural remedy as I am having a stabbing pain in my vagina and anus and stomach. The pain is more in the morning. Dr has said I have senitel tag. Sometimes when I fart I poop also.

10:25 AM | 14-09-2020

I have pain under the heel of my left foot and this increases when I walk. Please tell me what to do.

08:19 AM | 18-09-2020

Hi! I am having pain in my right toe nail I am getting this problem frequently. Pls suggest what to do?

11:54 AM | 12-05-2020

I have severe ring finger pain and also elbow pain. Pls suggest us home remedies for relief...

11:26 AM | 08-04-2020

I am having burning and pain in both the feet, since a long time. The problem is less when I am moving and more when I lay still. The MRI of lumbar region is normal and uric acid is 7. 2. Whenever I do any hard work or start any new exercise or play cricket the problem worsens. Please help!

09:55 AM | 03-10-2019

I travel once a month for a week , I face leg pain during travelling.... What shoud be my precautions?

09:05 AM | 01-05-2019

My left foot toe is paining since yesterday evening and there is a slight swelling also. Can't even walk properly. Am wondering how to avoid going to a doctor?

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