09:05 AM | 01-05-2019

My left foot toe is paining since yesterday evening and there is a slight swelling also. Can't even walk properly. Am wondering how to avoid going to a doctor?

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4 Answers

09:45 AM | 19-02-2019

Alternate dipping in hot and cold water for 10 mins to allow the blood to rush to and fro to the area. This is going to reduce the swelling and also heal the problem if it’s due to some hurt. This was tried for a blue blood clot in the toe and pains came down drastically in a child.

10:41 AM | 07-01-2019

In the world of natural living and healing, the body is always viewed as a whole. Treatment of a pain in one specific body part is not seen as an isolated problem of that part. We need to understand that its the whole body working in tandem. Hence, what I have understood is that whenever we suffer from any symptom/discomfort/pain in any part of the body we must pay attention to taking care of the whole of it. What that translates to is eating natural, nourishing foods to help the body repair. Giving ample rest to the body - physical as well as mental. In your case for example, you may want to try local applications to relieve toe pain, but do not underplay the importance of food and rest.

10:01 AM | 04-01-2019

Soak your feet in hot water before going to sleep. Do this daily for next 15 days.  Deactivate before going to sleep. Try not to pop in pain-killers. You could try taking lemon+ginger+turmeric shots, as natural pain-killer.

10:01 AM | 04-01-2019

Rest, hot water n cold water dip. Burn some mustard oil, add haldi and give it warm compress. Apply ginger juice and take rest, add fruits and veg juice in diet, apply hot mustard oil, haldi, onion and garlic.

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