01:15 PM | 28-12-2018

Hi I have bad cervical spondylitis which is only aggravating over the years. I have tried Yoga and Acupressure, but they allow temp relief. What must I do to heal this naturally?

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02:57 PM | 30-12-2018

1. Oil pulling.
2. Deep breathing for 45 minutes daily. Three seconds inhalation and seven seconds exhalation.
3. Simple neck rotation exercise, preferably early morning.
4. Sun bathing 30 minutes daily.

Cervical spondylitis is sign of nervous system signal congestion in neck region. Check why this increase of signals is taking place. Heart, lungs and face are the place where you got to look for toxins accumulation as all nerves from these region concentrate in cervical region of spinal cord.

10:25 AM | 28-12-2018

Our body doesn’t become ‘defective’. Infact these symptoms are bodies greatest communication to you that it needs correction.  Our body maintains an acid-alkaline balance, and every time we put more load on the body through wrong foods, late hours, no time to rest and repair, and no time for outdoors & activity the body accumulates a lot of acidity called toxins.  When body is unable to eliminate these, it creates various signals (inflammation which is then communicated through aches and pains)

Yoga and acupressure may create some relief but the root cause is high acidic load and low alkalinity thus, all your actions should be focused on reducing the load and supporting the body to improve alkalinity

These actions are:

  • Eating more raw, fresh, whole plant based foods.  

  • Eating in accordance to Circadian Rhythm of body.  

  • Sunlight and breathing are 2 easiest, natural and most effective way to create alkaline reserves within body and to support body to clean up effectively.  So increase your time for both.

  • Sleeping & resting: Allow enough downtime to your body.  Reduce the load of gadgets as they also consume your energy and increase acidic load. Give yourself enough downtime in evening towards night to ensure body continues to be in rhythm of nature.

10:24 AM | 28-12-2018

When there is damage, the body wants to repair & it indicates this damage through pain. The pain felt in cervical spondylitis indicates 2 things:

  1. degeneration in the cervical region is faster than regeneration

  2. the body needs help with repair.

Follow an integrated approach & focus on 4 things: exercise, rest, food & sunlight


When in acute pain, please consult a qualified physiotherapist. Once the acute pain has subsided:

  1. Do shoulder & neck rotation & stretching exercises regularly.
  2. Many people have found relief from cervical pain through regular practice of yoga asanas such as matsyasana (fish pose), bhujangasana (cobra pose) & ardha naukasana (half boat pose).


  1. 2-3 times a day, drop everything you are doing...just sit with your eyes closed, focus on deep breathing & do a few stretching exercises.
  2. If your work is laptop based, try to take a break after every 1 hour of intensive work.
  3. Make no phone – no laptop time zones, say 8 pm -  8 am or no phone – no laptop days, say Sunday !!
  4. Ensure you get good amount of deep sleep every night.
  5. Be positive - Don't take mental / emotional stress, work on keeping a positive attitude.
  6. Oil massage – Gently massage the back of your neck & shoulders with coconut oil. This will create better blood flow in the area & support pain management.


  1. Increase intake of raw foods as they are the easiest for the body to digest. Only when body is free from the work of ‘digestion’ will it be able to focus on getting your cervical area back to normalcy.  
  2. Eat a generous serving of fruits in morning & evening. Eat a generous serving of raw vegetable salad with every cooked meal.
  3. Reduce intake of refined & processed foods, including white sugar, refined salt, refined oil, packaged foods, etc.

Sunlight – Sun is a natural unadulterated source of energy required for all life on earth. Sit in the sun & feel your body soaking this energy.

10:22 AM | 28-12-2018

Hi… I used to have severe cervical spondylitis and vertigo some 5 years back.  Long working hours, and faulty food intake was the main reason.

Yoga did provide relief, however since I did no change in my food habits and did not incorporate enough sleep and rest, the problem only manifested in form of vertigo. 

Over the last 3 to 4 years, I did an overhaul of my lifestyle esp. both on food and exercise front.

I moved to whole plant-based foods.  Eliminated processed, packaged and refined foods completely.  Introduced the concept of fresh, raw, seasonal, local. Introduced fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts significantly into my daily intake.  One of the other key things I did, was reduce cooked foods and moved to fruits only breakfast in the morning and 2 cooked meals a day. All my cooked meals were with ample doses of salads.  If one has to intake higher raw, to provide the right material to the body you cannot do it if you are stuffing yourself with 3 cooked meals. Then there is just no space to eat the real foods, which is what the body needed to repair and heal.

Another key change was eliminating dairy.  For me, this impacted my health very positively.  Earlier I could easily have like 2-3 glasses of milk a day. Presently, its very rare I take dairy. I do eat curd or paneer once in a while, but not for nutrition only for taste

 Once this happened, I had more energy to exercise. So Yoga, walking, swimming became a regular part of my routine.

 The severe pain and vertigo episodes have gone away.

 Even today, long hours at the laptop, I get stiff neck and shoulders, and that’s a good indicator to me to bring backrest, and exercise into my routine.

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