05:23 PM | 20-01-2019

Is Soy milk acidic or alkaline? What impact it has on the body?

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3 Answers

03:18 PM | 23-02-2021

Soy is not a human food unless processed.

Processed food consumes a lot of vitality and never recommended in Natural health practices.

It does not matter what a pH strip talks about Soy milk, it is not a recommended food as per Natural norms of food.

Please read about the ph of soy milk. 

In brief, let us understand what is a pH scale:

Science has introduced a logarithmic scale to specify the acidity or basicity/alkalinity of an aqueous solution. Acidity and Basicity/Alkalinity are two opposite properties of an aqueous solution. Like everything else, in Nature, aqueous solutions too try to achieve a homeostatic state or the state neutrality. The neutral state of a solution is pure Water. In pH scale the value of water as defined is 7. Below 7, all the solutions are acidic and above 7, are basic/alkaline. Acid and Alkaline always try to neutralize each other to become water.

The pH value of blood is approx 7.4. That means it is almost neutral being slightly basic/alkaline. In diseased condition the pH value becomes more than 7, usually.

With this understanding we confuse ourselves by concluding that we need to make our blood alkaline to have better state of wellness!

It is another superstition!

If we make our blood highly alkaline that is also a health hazard!

Change in pH value or its Alkalinity or acidity in blood is an EFFECT of health.

The CAUSE is somewhere else!

Addressing the EFFECTS instead of addressing the CAUSE, is a limited and shallow approach.

We cannot carry a pH strip with us to measure the pH value of food that we choose to eat!

Nature has sketched an excellent indicator to identify the right food. THE VOICE OF THE ORGANISM (V/O) is that indicator. The taste sensation is one of the major executions of V/O. Other important V/O in identifying the right food are smell, sight etc. The first condition is the food should be in its natural state without any modification; then we need to use our V/O to identify if it is beneficial for us. We should feel good about the food in terms of its smell, sight and taste.If it feels good, it is good for us. Simple!

We can skip bothering about pH values.

Thank you...

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04:36 PM | 23-02-2021

Read ahead if you want to know is soy milk acidic or alkaline ?

Soy milk is made from soy beans, which are legumes. While most legumes are acid-forming foods, soy beans are neutral or alkaline. Usually, soy milk is alkaline forming in the body.

Also as it comes from plants, soy milk is naturally free of cholesterol and low in saturated fat. It also contains no lactose. Soybeans and soy milk are a good source of protein, calcium (when fortified), and potassium. ... However, too much soy may be a problem for people with thyroid disease or other conditions.

Hope your doubt has been clarified wheather is soy milk acidic or not.

10:19 AM | 22-01-2019

Did man think about this when nature created it and we did not have knowledge about all that ?

Is it natural ? Yes. 

Does it have life ? No. 

Can man eat soy directly from a plant ? No

Is it then our natural food ? No

Ideally we have to eat foods with life .. so how do we get life into the nuts and seeds ? By soaking it and preparing it for germination

When you make a milk from it, you are going to throw away the pulp. So the fibre is lost. Fibre is needed to digest every food in its natural state. 

Everything in moderation is the key. When nature has prepared it for growing more plants and man to eat the fruits, we must not eat the seeds or nuts. However there is no harm in making the milk but only during transition from non vegan milk to becoming a vegan. Later on it’s best to switch to soaked nuts directly .

Soy also has a problem that man has conducted a lot of experiments on it and most of the seeds that have been used to grow soy across the world has been genetically modified. So even when you think about moderation, check if it’s a non-gmo soy that you are buying. 

This is how I would make my thinking and life simple. Just go back to the times when creation happened and think along those lines. 

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