04:52 PM | 28-08-2018

My mom is allergic to dust. Her nose starts running and head becomes heavy with dust. She takes cetrizine. Any suggestion for natural relief?

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6 Answers

10:51 AM | 20-11-2018

:) reminds me of a close friend who was almost addicted to cetrizine the same way! But can also understand the need for relief because the reaction can really make it impossible to be functional.

Everyone is looking for “quick fix” :)

And thats the lesson.

Plz suggest her to rest rest rest. ?? If she cannot follow a regimented routine just listening to the body and being patient - she will notice a shift. I'd remind my friend to take a 15min power nap (total rest) and then if she wants she can pop the pill.  Next time i'd suggest 30 min and so on.

And now she has shifted gradually to not reaching out for a pill at the first instance.

Hope this works!!

10:49 AM | 20-11-2018

Hi. I also suffer a lot when it comes to dust.... for me it ends up with wheezing for sure. Try this.... it helped me to an extent that runny nose, sneezing just gone after I had this concoction... boil water with fresh tumeric and ginger (both skin peeled off) & 5-6 black pepper corns. Have it twice a day or as per need along with streaming (adding few drops of Eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil)... Hope it will help.

10:48 AM | 20-11-2018

Cold water bath helps.

10:48 AM | 20-11-2018

I have always been allergic to dust. I start sneezing immediately, nose starts running. In extreme cases eyes water too. While cleaning in the house, I put a wet cloth over my mouth and nose. I move out of the dusty situation n go out in the sun. It improves within 15 minutes. Please check your mom's vitamin D level. Lower Vit. D levels trigger allergic reaction to seasonal changes and dust. Increase the sun exposure on daily basis.

02:51 PM | 03-09-2018

Raw food would help.  This means she needs to relook at her food intake.  Our bodies function the best when it has the right material which it can absorb the best.  Dairy, wheat, and non veg put a lot of load on body as they leave acidic residue.

01:48 PM | 03-09-2018

I think the cleaner and simpler you eat, the better is your overall health and it heals all kinds of conditions including allergies. i.e a diet based primarily of raw food particularly fruits.

I have noticed that if I drink tea/coffee, oily food or even baked food with refined oils, flour based foods, I start sneezing and this may continue for two days or so till I clean up my body by shifting my diet.

I think it is basically the body signalling that something needs to be thrown out.

So ensure you have a good diet and good elimination. In particular, animal products have to be strictly avoided.

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