11:19 AM | 17-01-2022

Hi, I have a gerd, my whole day time goes all good, but when I sleep at night, coughing starts & it’s very irritating,is there anything which can help? Cough syrups upsets my stomach, so please help?

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01:55 PM | 02-05-2024

Hi Ankush Sharma,

Thanks for sharing your concern with us!

As per nature cure, the human body works towards maintaining its pH or acid-alkaline balance. GERD occurs because of an increase in the acid levels in the bloodstream. Coughing or acidity is the body’s way of telling you to reduce acidity & restore the acid-alkaline balance.

Here, when we speak about acidity and alkalinity, we are referring to the acid/alkaline levels that remain in your body after digestion of the food and not the actual acidic/alkaline content of the foods you consume.

Here are some guidelines to follow: 

  • start your day with fruit breakfast, do not combine it with nuts, seeds, salt, pepper or other veggies
  • add 30-40% raw vegetable salad to your lunch & dinner plate
  • adopt oil free cooking & do not add lots of spices to your sabzis, soups or curries
  • avoid coffee, tea or carbonated beverages
  • avoid dairy products and non-veg foods
  • eat only when hungry
  • do wet pack on your stomach, throat or chest for about 20 minutes empty stomach

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