12:50 PM | 28-12-2018

Hi my mother has been recently detected with cancer. Does Nature cure work for that too?

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05:46 PM | 27-12-2018

Hi… Our bodies have an amazing healing capacity mainly as nature has designed it innately within all organisms. Growth, repair and reproduction are the basic functions of any living cell.  When we provide inputs to our body, which is in line with how nature meant it body does a wonderful job of reversing the illness. However, pls note that Cancer by itself has manifested after years of the body trying to cope with the wrong inputs.  Many times infact most times these wrong inputs are not just food, emotions, and thoughts play a huge role.

So reversing cancer requires a very deep and 360 degree approach – but the most important aspect for the person undergoing it, to be the one believing in the immense power of the body.

Food wise the changes to be done requires one to cut off all processed packaged foods and introduce fresh, raw whole natural foods. Cutting out dairy and non veg, would be another major step towards this. This in itself is a significant change for the person undergoing cancer.  In addition, it will also need the person to work on the emotional blockages, as the thoughts which also feed our internal toxicity.

Thus working with a holistic health practitioner who understands this well, and can guide during these trying times  is always better. Two names which come to my mind are The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai for food & nutrition aspect.  And NV life who engage at breathing level to heal people.

In summary, Cancer is not a natural state of the body – it is only body’s expression of things to be corrected.  By that very definition yes, it is reversible under nature cure.

05:46 PM | 27-12-2018

Hi… Cancer as per nature cure is an expression of the last stage of body’s attempt to create balance in an acidic environment (after Induration).  It takes years to reach this stage, and likewise, it will take a good amount of time and a good amount of dedication and deep understanding to be able to reverse it.

The broad guidelines remain the same. Focussing on breathing, sunlight, and keeping the raw high is a major change that anyone facing cancer should do immediately. The person has to gallop to make that connect with nature.

When caring for a cancer person, one has to remember what our role is caretaker or caregiver.  From experience, I can tell you it could get highly frustrating that the loved one would simply not jump on the bandwagon and go all raw and do things needed to completely reverse the situation.  But it is the person’s individual journey, and the faith through understanding the power of nature cure, of how the body heals with right inputs has to occur for the person going through cancer.

To understand this better, you could encourage your mother to attend a workshop with The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai.  They are very good at explaining the concept and providing an in-depth understanding of the body. They have also worked with cancer patients, so personal consultation is another option.

06:07 PM | 31-12-2018

Hi! It must be a tough time for your family! You must be exploring various treatments at this stage. Wanted to share with you that I have been regularly following Luke Cutinho on FB. He is a health coach. I have often seen cases of patients posted on FB who got cured of their ailments under the guidance of Luke. As I understand, he also lays a lot of emphasis on staying in tune with nature and natural living. In fact, there was a lady who shared her experience of her battle with Cancer Luke's consultation. She got completely cured! You may want to get in touch him as well. All the best!

10:12 PM | 30-12-2018

Our body is a very superfine machinery and cancer is again a manifestation by the body to save us. I know it is very difficult situation once cancer is detected and it requires a very strong will power to heal it. Do as you wish but please do the following:-
1. Wheatgrass juice daily.
2. Only raw diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, if you can procure organic it will be better.
3. No refined sugar, no refined salt and no refined oil.
4. Four bananas and half coconut daily, if possible eight bananas and one coconut daily.
5. Meditation and prayers is a must daily.
6. Sun bathing one hour daily.
7. Deep breathing one hour daily.
8. Detoxification at a nature cure or Ayurveda clinic under supervision will greatly help.

02:53 PM | 30-12-2018

Nature always decides what is best for the individual. Nature cure works for everyone at any stage. However, it also depends on how advanced it is, the health and vitality of the person, willingness to adapt, mental stength, faith etc. Rest assured, it will definitely help. Please contact a competent naturopath or nature cure centre for detailed assessment and guidance.

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