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01:13 PM | 07-12-2020

During anulom vilom kumbhak is good or not? And plz tell me the benefits of kumbhak?

11:20 AM | 07-01-2021

I want to take the annual membership. Where is the option?

10:57 AM | 26-10-2020

Iam 43 years old and suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and I had heavy periods for 6 days and again after 15 days I'm bleeding drops from 6 days what should I do? What is the reason?

11:15 AM | 14-12-2020

Hi I have varicose veins. Mainly post pregnancy - many are there. Please suggest diet, exercise. Thanks

09:02 AM | 29-12-2020

Can thyroid issues be reversed with nature cure? How long does it take?

09:01 AM | 29-12-2020

Hi, I have dark spots around my mouth and fore head. Any remedies please to get rid of them? Also any remedies which can help my skin glow in 10 days please?

11:18 AM | 14-12-2020

Hi, I'm having problem with joint pains from last 2 to 3 years. Now my age is 35 yrs. I know this is not the age to face these problems. But I dont know how to overcome this situation. I have taken medication, ayurvedic treatment, physiotherapy. Still I'm facing a lot. Doctors are saying to take MRI, please any one suggest me what to do.

11:20 AM | 14-12-2020

Hi I m suffering from fibromylgia for the past 15 years with pain in tender points, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, bloating etc. Gradually my body is not working, sometimes I'm not even able to prepare food for kids. Pls help

11:25 AM | 14-12-2020

Swelling in anus area, some times rashes and private area swelling and feel discomfort while sitting and walking. Pls help

09:00 AM | 29-12-2020

Hi, I am 31 with 2 small kids and having thyroid. My TSH is 10. 7 and still it is not reducing. Any natural process that helps me to get rid of thyroid please?

10:13 AM | 08-12-2020

I am 70 years of age having following problems: 1. Sluggish bowel movement despite taking vegetarian, roughage rich diet and 2 litres of water per day and doing yoga. I have to exert a lot. I do have multiple diverticulitis and acute anorectic angle, 2. Sluggish bladder movement, 3. ET diagnosed at CMC Vellore 11 years back for which I am taking the prescribed medicines. Please advise.

10:11 AM | 08-12-2020

My son is 22 yrs old facing hair loss issue. Can anyone guide me on this?

10:27 AM | 14-12-2020

How to deal with osteoporosis? What are the causes and remedies for it.

11:13 AM | 28-12-2020

I'm getting pimples & black spots on forehead. I also have dandruff and my hair is thin. How to cure? Would you recommend any routine suggestion

10:33 AM | 10-12-2020

How to be a naturopathy doctor? What course will be suitable and from where?

11:27 AM | 25-08-2020

I'm vata n pitta dominated 28 years old woman, suffering from tremendous hairfall, gastric problem and acidity. Pimple like rashes full of pus all over my scalp, cause irritation,itching, pain. There is oily type of dandruff also. Some places of my scalp going bald,hair becomes so loose that it comes with my hair comb. What to do?

10:05 AM | 03-08-2020

How to cure skin scalp psoriasis 8 year old?

10:55 AM | 09-12-2020

Plz suggest some natural healing process for kidney problems. How can we reduce dialysis?

10:56 AM | 09-12-2020

I have chronic pain and swelling around my ankle. Doctor diagnosed it is due to Arthritis got some tests done and found Anti CCP positive. Medication only provided intermittent relief. Can any one suggest some remedies.

10:57 AM | 09-12-2020

I have vertigo problem. Pls suggest natural solution

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