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01:29 PM | 04-06-2021

My grandfather is his 80s and he has pain in his knees and ankles. Can you please tell me oil or something like that which gives relief to him?

05:06 PM | 03-06-2021

Hello people I have pre matured grey hair. Plz suggest natural hair color. Thanks

11:10 AM | 14-01-2019

Any remedy if the yellow bee stings you. I have rubbed iron on it.

04:27 PM | 07-06-2021

Does daily sugar test readings at home depend on diet consumed? What other factors are involved in sugar reading fluctuations?

04:25 PM | 07-06-2021

I am 24 year old, my weight is 46 am very frustrated to about my weight. Plz tell me how to gain weight

04:34 PM | 27-05-2021

My husband gets severe headaches which last up to 24 hours. It used to happen on full moon and new moon day. But now it's more often. What could it be due to and anything you can suggest to help?

04:29 PM | 27-05-2021

I suffered with diarrhoea and blood in stool and the doctor started giving me antibiotics and the blood stopped but after some time again started coming. I have changed many doctors who told me different problems, but in December 2019 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and the doctor started my steroid wysolone40mg and mesacol od 1. 2g twice,I started and the blood stopped, I m also started gaining weight but when I laeve the dose of steroid the blood comes in it's flare up. Please help me

04:37 PM | 27-05-2021

I have pain in finger and toes joints since a few months. I had vitamin deficiencies - hemoglobin, B12, D. After taking all the vitamins since past 3 months I am still not feeling any difference. Can you suggest a solution?

04:43 PM | 27-05-2021

I have vitiligo since 17 years on my feet, knees and elbows. I tried allopathy but it didn’t work for long term. I get 2-3 new small to medium spots every year or so. I feel stressed and low self-esteem. What should I do to naturally control and cure it?

04:33 PM | 27-05-2021

I am 38 and since past few days I am not getting pressure for morning activity and not able to pass motion pls guide.

04:23 PM | 27-05-2021

You mentioned mud pack for varicose veins. Can we reuse the mud or is it a one time use? Also, do we mix clay and sand or clay and soil? How long to keep it on the legs?

04:32 PM | 27-05-2021

I want to know is there any course in which can teach you how to deal depression and anxiety naturally? Vaishali 9324648225

04:25 PM | 27-05-2021

My husband gets headache when he does even partial fasts. Is there a way of getting his body to adapt to fasting?

01:51 PM | 19-04-2021

I am anxiety patient and taking treatment from phychiatrist. I take duzella ,etilaam,betacap ,veniz. I do yoga, I had stomach issues like constipation. In MRI doctor said due to pressure exerted their is descent in rectum and said do kegel exercise. Suffering from shortness of breadth though my oxygen level is normal and no wheezing, is it hyperventilation, and with it fear comes. Got MRI of chest and PFT test done in Januar, its normal. Pls suggest.

05:41 PM | 17-08-2019

Hlo mam/sir my age is 21years mujhe last 7-8 year se sneezing allergy he subhe jase he soke uthta hu sneezing start ho jati he or fir cold ho jata he kbhi kbhi to fever bhi ho jata he nose me itching bhi hoti he me iske kafi treatment le chuka hu homeopathic,aleopathic,ayurvedic,sab kuch try kr lia but thik ni hota jab tak treatment chalta he tab tk thik rehta hu uske baad fir se problem start ho jati he me is se kafi tang ho chuka hu please help me.

01:24 PM | 13-05-2021

I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis last 4 years, my body posture is bent, full body pain. Plz guide me

08:36 AM | 12-05-2021

Can we re-grow hair after baldness naturally?

02:20 PM | 24-05-2021

Can I take cooked food for lunch and vegetable salad for dinner?

02:19 PM | 24-05-2021

2 din kabz hoti hai, 2 din dast hote hai to kya kre?

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